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alright, this is where i will put summaries and pictures of the place u r rping

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~~end of the world~~ You are in New York and there was a zombie break out. Your family is dead(you may have a twist and have a family member with u or u find on) and all you have known is gone or has been blew up. The city is fallening apart and every where you go, zombies(the evil and down right WRONG type of zombies) want to eat/kill you. What will you do? ((here are the pics- (they also have alien like zombie monsters)
(this is ur city)- ))

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~~mere people~~ You are a forgoten race. You are at the bottome of the sea, hidden from the huuman race. Inside your castle, there is no water so you have human legs there. The humans are looking for your hidden world. Will you find a way to see the human world? Will you find love with a human? ((pic of your city- ))

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~~pirates and royals~~ They have long faught for land, treasure, and for the fun of it. They often crash into each other and fight till death is thick in the air. Will love stop these rivles from killing each other? OR will a battle so fierce kill them all? (( pic of the battles-
the royal ships-
pirate ships- ))

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~~werewolves~~ the battle rages on between humans and werewolves. But soon, a power will rise in the darkness, a rivel of both were and human a like. A being that wants to rule the human and were world. It creates a new type of being, a super werewolf, with the power of humans and werewolf combined. Will you help defeat the monsters or will you choose to finally take your chance to kill the humans and rise above the world ?
((pics of the new monsters- ))

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~~vampires~~ Human and vampires rage on for years and years. They have killed many humans and vampires, but soon a new type of vampre with come up from Hell. Vampyres. A creature that wants to rule over man kind, killing humans and creating their own kind. The old vampires are dieing off, the vampires will be no more. But will you stand up to them, and get your humans back? (( pics of the vampyers- ))

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~~Wolves~~ packs countinue to fight eachother. Blood battles evey day with the packs. Will a forbidden love stop the fighting? Or will the wolves all kill each other? (( pics of their area are in the wolf rp under summary topic))

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~fairies~~ ((looking for summary ideas. pics of forest- ))

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~~Angels 'n Demons~~ Angels fight for God and Demons fight for the Devil. What side do you chose? Will you stand up for your side and fight? Or hide in the shadows? Humans are traped in the battles on Earth, will you be that human to try and fight against eather one to stop the battles? You chose. ((Heaven-
Please remember these pictures are fake, I am not meaning that Hell or Heaven is or not real and that is what they look like. These are just pictures people drew

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