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EvaCatReads Who panicked when they thought Simon was dead?

Nicole Me. I thought He's gone and I like him better than Jace.

LaRinda I did and even cried but deep down I knew he would come back.

EvaCatReads LaRinda wrote: "I did and even cried but deep down I knew he would come back."

ye same x

Erica Wray I know I did, I think he's a big part of the book. I was so happy when I found out he just turned into a vampire. :D

Nicole Yea, A different knid of VAmpire :)

Erica Wray Yeah, that was amazing to find out too, though it did cause him a lot of trouble so I felt bad for him about that.

Nicole Some times I hope Clary falls for him and he'll dump her to be with Isabel.

Erica Wray After what Clary put him through that would be a good twist.

Nicole Yea, I don't like Clary much.

Erica Wray I don't either, not that much anyway, mostly because sometimes she don't think about the feelings of others, but I can see where she is a major part of the series too.

Nicole Ye, I also like Jace to dump her. *evil me is activated* lol.

Erica Wray Lol but if he did that he would be a lot moodier, doesn't she like calm him down and make him happy (sadly).

Nicole *sighs* youre right. Still!

Erica Wray I don't think he would find anyone else either -_- I don't think anyone else is crazy enough to be able to handle his past and his mood swings.

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