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Madame Bovary Part 2

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Rumana Papia | 8 comments Giving birth to and raising a son acts as a type of medium for women to complete the dreams that they once conceived for themselves. It resembles “a hope of compensation for all [their] past frustrations.” All the disappointments that they once had to face, all the compromises they were on many occasions forced to keep as a result of their gender would receive a second chance at life but this time through their offspring. The son would have the freedom and opportunities to “overcome obstacles, and savor the most exotic pleasures,” pleasures that society decided women were unworthy of. The elder Madame Bovary received this medium and named him Charles Bovary. Through her son Charles she accomplishes her hopes and dreams and as a result, she is able to curb her desires and stay content with this alternative.
During part 1 of the novel Madame Bovary the author Gustave Flaubert introduces one of the major themes of the novel which is how a woman has access to a limited amount of freedom and how her gender works against her favor by preventing her from having the rights to accomplish her dreams. In part 2, he continues with Madame Bovary openly expressing her desire to have a son and more importantly why she does not want to bear a daughter. She’s trying to find an alternative method of attaining her hopes and dreams just like the elder Madame Bovary did, but Flaubert has other plans for her, which is why Emma ends up giving birth to a daughter.
Being a woman resembles punishment, a lifelong sentence since she has “always some desire urging her forward,” whether it be Emma Bovary’s fantasies of a lavish and pomp European themed lifestyle, along with that there will be “always some convention holding her back. The arrival of Emma’s daughter acts as yet another “convention” that took birth for the sole purpose of holding this woman, this dreamer back. When learning that she delivered a female the news comes to Emma Bovary as a type of jail sentence. Emma believes that her dreams have no other choice than to disintegrate due to the birth of her daughter. She wasn’t blessed with the medium the elder Madame Bovary received which was her son Charles. This is one of the occurrences in Emma’s life that pushes her into the infidelities she later engages in with other men.
Not every woman ends up with a son to raise who would one day accomplish their mothers goals, Madame Bovary’s infidelities are her alternative means of working to obtain her dreams. It’s a method for her to release all the tension and anger she bottles inside, tension that comes from having to compromise her happiness and put up a performance of the perfect housewife just to keep society’s mouth shut. Before the infidelities, the bottled up anger released itself each time Emma Bovary “stirr[ed] up her pain, looking for a chance to suffer.” That method could only go on for so long, she felt moments of bliss when she engaged herself in rendezvous with Rodolphe and Leon since it represented her achieving moments of individual freedom.

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Taela | 7 comments Madame Bovary Part 2 :
In part two emma gives birth to a baby girl. You would think bringing a child into his world would make people; families come together but it doesn’t. Even after the baby is born Emma is still not happy in her marriage . There was a small conflict when choices the babies name Charles wanted the child to be named after his mother and emma want the name She heard random at a ball and it suck with her. She meets new people in the town of Yonville. Leon Dupuis she goes to visit her child for the first time with that man, she was walking around in public linking arms with a man that wasn't her husband.When Leon left her life she got depressed again and met a new guy called Rodolphe Boulanger ; he is flirt just like Emma. I hate how a man or a women can see that a person is in a committed relationship and try to take them out of it; I dislike home wreckers . Rodolphe know what he is doing he can see that Emma is young women desperate for “love” but the love that Emma want she is looking for it in all the wrong place and men.Radophe takes advantage of Emma and she does really see it at all. Emma and her lover have secret hiding spot when they go “ horseback riding”. I feel that Emma does not know what she has and she will realize too late.

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