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Madame Bovary
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Madame Bovary Part 1

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Rumana Papia | 8 comments Gustave Flaubert focuses on the recurring disappointments experienced by the women of the novel, the elder Madame Bovary as well as Emma Bovary, her daughter in law, in order to introduce the theme of the limited freedoms received by the women of those times.
These women dream of lavish lives, caring brave husbands, and happiness but receive men who compare so low to their expectations that they have no other choice than to either kill their dreams, or try to find happiness elsewhere. As a result of the elder Monsieur Bovary’s negative personality, his lack of desires, his indifferent attitude, and his shameful habits, the elder Madame Bovary’s “pride rebelled,” she saw no other suitable option than to “swallow her rage,” give up the dreams she once chased after, and place her hopes in the only symbol of love she and her husband shared, their son.
While the elder Madame Bovary curbs her desires by leaving her son to fulfill her unaccomplished dreams, Emma keeps reading her novels which cause her to continue weaving dreams. She does not want to terminate that hope she bears for true love, for the passion she wants to one day express to a man who is brave, who makes her feel extraordinary similar to the women in the novels she indulges herself in. These books encourage her to venture out and aim to figure out “what was meant in life by the words ‘bliss,’ ‘passion,’ and ‘rapture,’ which had seemed so beautiful to her in books.”
Emma wants to live life to the fullest, she sees no reason why she shouldn’t receive all the happiness she desires, she dreams of a lavish life in Paris but her husband Charles acts as the chains holding her back. She sees her husband as a “pitiful specimen” and for this reason, despises him and his entire being. Madame Bovary receives a taste of her dream life during her stay in palace La Vaubyessard for a Marquis’ ball and since then, she aspires to transform each aspect of her life to match that of her novels and of the lives of the people she encounters at the ball. She eventually realizes not everything is in her control and when this truth of reality hits her, she becomes too weak to face “all the bitterness of life.” Flaubert ends the section by introducing the arrival of yet another burden in the form of her offspring who will also act as another set of chains holding Emma down, preventing her from fulfilling the dreams she weaves from the inspirations of her novels.
The parallelism of the situations of the elder Madame Bovary and Emma Bovary has an aspect that foreshadows the difference in the path Emma will take in the future. Their attitudes are quite different, Charles’ mother chose to settle in life, leaving her with a numerous amount of unfulfilled dreams that even her son can’t accomplish for her. Emma’s behavior and mentality is far from the elder Madame Bovary’s since she for one “liked the sea because of its storms.” Emma isn’t the type to settle, no matter how much she tries to convince herself that she’s alright with living life knowing she can have and do much better. Her character isn’t going to live life in some sort of traditional rhythm, and her imagination and willpower won’t let her live it like that either.

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Taela | 7 comments Madame Bovary Part 1

The story starts off with Charles Bovary, described as a nice , free spirited, shy , weird looking boy . He does have a lot ambitions in life . The only personal achievement he wanted to get his degree in medicine . His first marriage his mother help choose a wife for him. But on the job he met Emma and Charles wife dies randomly and charles falls for Emma and proposes to her, they get married . Their relationship happened really fast . I hope it doesn’t end very fast also. The marriage is will described as awkward at first , Emma didn't really talk to Charles that much , Church is the nice guy but he is oblivious to his new wife need and it will affect the their relationship. The only spark of excitement in their relationship was the the Ball that Charles go invited too, and the way Emma acted at the ball, I would have never married a person like her she was very self centered , she danced with other men at the dance and wasn’t social with her own husband.I agree with Rumana's statement " Madame Bovary receives a taste of her dream life during her stay in palace La Vaubyessard for a Marquis’ ball and since then, she aspires to transform each aspect of her life to match that of her novels and of the lives of the people she encounters at the ball." It is very true that she wanted to have the lives of the other ladies.Emma envied the women in at the ball. after the ball Emma becomes very bored with her life , and she need excitement in her life. There is a saying that “Only the boring get bored.” I feel that applies to Emma ; she could be a better wife to Charles but she is not . Charles sees the actions of his wife so he decides to move to a bigger town, and while they were moving they found out that they were expecting their first child.

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