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Pride and Prejudice Chapters 46 - 61

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Lyvia Couseillant | 8 comments CH.46-61

When Elizabeth returns to her inn, she finds two letters from Jane: the first reveals that Lydia has eloped with Wickham, the second reveals that there is no word from the couple and that they may not be married yet. Elizabeth realizes that if Wickham does not marry Lydia, the reputations of both Lydia and the entire family will be ruined.Darcy appears and she tells him the story. Darcy immediately blames himself for not exposing Wickham, and Elizabeth blames herself for the same reason. She decides to return home immediately. After an apology to Darcy and his sister for breaking their dinner engagement. Elizabeth replies by telling them about Wickham’s past behavior, without revealing the details of his romance with Darcy’s sister. When she gets home, Elizabeth learns that her father has gone to London to search for Lydia and Wickham. Jane assures Elizabeth that there was no way anyone could have known about their sister’s relationship with Wickham. The Bennets assume that the Gardiners have paid Wickham a sizable amount to get him to agree to the wedding. The Bennets assume that they owe a deep debt to their relatives. Mrs. Bennet is deliriously happy at having Lydia married, even when her husband and daughters point out how much it has probably cost. Her happiness is tempered when her husband refuses to allow Wickham and Lydia to visit or to provide his newly married daughter with money to purchase clothes. She drops hints that Darcy did so because of his love for Elizabeth. Elizabeth’s surprised and she is unsure whether to be upset or pleased. After Wickham and Lydia depart for their new home in the North, news arrives that Bingley is returning to Netherfield Park for a few weeks. Mrs. Bennet is quite rude to Darcy, completely unaware that he was the one who saved Lydia.

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