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Pride and Prejudice Chapters 16 - 30

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Elizabeth looks forward to seeing Mr.Wickham that night and Mr.Bingley's ball even though she will have to spend the first couple of dances with Mr.Collins.The ladies and gentlemen attend a ball at netherfield. Elizabeth looks for Wickham at the party but can not find him, she soon finds out from Mr. Denny that because Mr. Darcy is around it keeps Mr.Wickham away. Elizabeth then dances with Mr. Collins and Mr. Darcy. While dancing with Mr. Darcy she talks about Wickham and their conversation becomes weird. Miss Bingley, Mr. Bingley's sister, then informs Elizabeth that Mr. Wickham is not trustworthy. Elizabeth takes Miss Bingley's words as being useless and does not accept her warning. Jane tells Elizabeth that she has asked Mr. Bingley for information about Mr. Wickham. Everything that she finds out about Mr. Wickham was from Mr. Darcy, whom she does not believe. At dinner Elizabeth and Jane's mother tells about how she wishes that Jane and Mr. Bingley will get married and Elizabeth gets mad. Mr. Darcy listens to the argument. After dinner Mary, the younger Bennet sister sings a terrible song, and Mr. Collins talks about how bad it was. Elizabeth becomes distressed because she thinks that her family looks stupid now.Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth.When Mrs. Bennet hears that Elizabeth has refused to marry Mr. Collins, she seeks out Mr. Bennet to force Elizabeth to change her mind. Mr. Bennet speaks with Elizabeth, but tells her that he "would never hear of her marrying such a man as Mr. Collins". Mrs. Bennet does not give up however, and continues to persuade Elizabeth to accept the proposal. During all the confusion, Charlotte Lucas comes to visit. Eventually Mr. Collins accepts Elizabeth's refusal.The family finds out about Mr. Collins and Charlotte's engagement. Jane replies to Caroline's letter yet receives no reply. Mrs. Bennet is unhappy with all the turn of events. Miss Bingly's letter finally arrives yet the contents lead Jane to dispare about her and Mr. Bingly more because he will not be leaving london for winter. Jane and Elizabeth argue about it then they decide not to mention it to each other. Mr. Wickham has told of his past experiences. Jane accepts the offer and is excited for the possibility that she might see Mr. Bingley in London. Mrs. Gardiner notices Elizabeth and Mr. Wickham showing a liking of one another and to her, Mr. Wickham has a lack of money and that is not a suitable match for Elizabeth. Mrs. Gardiner warns Elizabeth that Mr. Wickham’s lack of money makes him an unsuitable match. Mrs. Gardiner continues in saying that Elizabeth should be careful to not embarrass her father by becoming attached to Mr. Wickham. Elizabeth tells her Aunt that she is not falling in love with Mr. Wickham and she would not let Mr. Wickham fall in love with her. Elizabeth also says she wishes not to upset her father and is doing the best she can. Jane’s letters from London tell of how she was called on by Miss Bingley, how Miss Bingley was cold towards her and had only visited Jane once briefly in return. Jane believes Miss Bingley only sees her as prevention to her brother marrying Georgiana Darcy. Mrs. Gardiner writes to Elizabeth about Mr. Wickham and Elizabeth replies that Mr. Wickham’s focus has shifted to another girl, Miss King, who has just inherited a large fortune. As for Elizabeth she has very little pain because she believes she was never in love with him. Elizabeth asked Darcy if he knew her sister Jane was in London, and he told her that he had not.

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