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This thread is open for those reading or have read Education of a Wandering Man and would like to make comments.
I have almost finished the book and did not realize how quick of a read it was going to be.
First of all who has joined in on reading this book and how far are you. If you want to say something or discuss something about the book then the floor is OPEN!

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Education of A Wandering Man is a quick read. I am about a third of the way into after one evening. At this point what I am enjoying the most is that the prose reminds me of my late father and his way of expressing himself. Perhaps it is characteristic of that generation of midwestern young men, who experienced the depression and WWII? At any rate I enjoy that it reminds me of Dad.

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Wes (pricerightbooks) | 473 comments Mod
Hi Sandra or anyone else reading this I am finnished with the book and would like to start discussing it now.
So whenever you guys see fit just talk about it and I would like to discuss this book.

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Good morning, Wes. I am ready.
I enjoyed the book. LAmour tended to go off on tangents in his prose but I liked that aspect, It gives the feeling of a conversational,"oh,by the way." It was valuble in its insights to young men of that generation trying to find their way.
While he did brag at times and preach a little that is your perogative if you are writing you own story.
the listings of his reading was amazing. I have never heard of most of tose titles.

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I especially like the fact that he went through the first 1/3 of his life doing such odd jobs which I can relate. The whole hopping on a boat one day and then the next guarding a mine. The whole time trying to find another bit of knowledge to be read into his head. Then getting his head knocked in on prize fights. The end where he is talking about india and asia really sparked an interest for me and I want to look for some of those books.

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It is tempting to look up some of the titles L'Amour mentioned. There is just so much out there!

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I know the book I had showed all the books that he read in the early thirties at the end of the book and it was quite a load. I don't see how he did it.

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Beth (lillybeth) This is a book to keep for a lifetime and refer to when one is at the library and they are out of all of the other books you were intent on reading. I love the soft and easy flow of the book, his narrative is very peaceful and his story telling skills strong. I can see why he was so successful at telling stories for other media.

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Thanks for joining in the read Beth

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