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message 1: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments For those of you in Ottawa interested in doing a meet and greet let me know.

message 2: by Vicky (new)

Vicky (librovert) | 493 comments Mod
My boyfriend lives outside of Ottawa. Unfortunately, I'm in the states.

If you happen to find some people I may crash the party next time I'm in town on a visit! :)

message 3: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Ottawa represent! We need to recruit more locals. I'll work on my friends offline.

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments I try recruiting but most of my friends are non-reader types. I do not understand how they manage life without a book in hand but they seem to be surviving somehow.

message 5: by Jen (new)

Jen (jadecross) | 23 comments Montreal, If anyone wants to meet up ^_^

message 6: by Christine (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments I'm in Toronto (the "real" capital. haha)... But I may be in Gatineau for G-Anime... somehow a meetup then? O.o

message 7: by Jen (new)

Jen (jadecross) | 23 comments I know a lot of people hitting G-Anime, but didn't have the money to go to that con :( But there is a anime con in MTL in Aug if anyone is going.

message 8: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments When is G-Anime? I have not heard of it before. I think doing a meetup would be fun.

message 9: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) I saw January 27-29 at the Four Points Sheraton in Gatineau. I was thinking of going to it actually, so a meet-up there would be cool :)

There's also Naru2u in November.

message 10: by Adrienne (new)

Adrienne (adriennemarietheresa) anyone else in the GTA like me?

message 11: by Justine (new)

Justine | 56 comments Adrienne, I'm moving to Guelph on September 1. If you look under the "post your locality and connect" thread, there are at least couple of people in Toronto. I'm hoping that, once I get settled, an occasional drive to the big city will be feasible for me :)

message 12: by Nancy-Elizabeth (last edited Aug 01, 2012 06:17AM) (new)

Nancy-Elizabeth (dotnet) | 74 comments Jen wrote: "I know a lot of people hitting G-Anime, but didn't have the money to go to that con :( But there is a anime con in MTL in Aug if anyone is going."

@Jen mainly

Yayyyy another Montrealer :). I would have loved to meet up at Otakuthon, but I'm off to Ontario this weekend for the Highland Games. I worked as a volunteer there two years in a row back when it was hosted at Concordia University, but haven't seen it since. Seems to have become huge. Have fun!

message 13: by Jessica (new)

Jessica (jessiripley) | 17 comments I just moved to Ottawa!!! I'm beyond excited that there might be an Ottawa group!

message 14: by Christine (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments Hey everyone, I'm going to start up a Canadian spin-off this month: "Beaver Dreams". We're going to read Wicked Edge by Nina Bangs. I'd love to have someone from the Ottawa/Montréal area as a panelist on the show (I'm going to do a live stream hangout - either the last week of this month or the first week of October, depending on my work schedule.)

Once I get my work schedule and/or lock down 2 more panelists, I'll make a bigger announcement (it's own thread).

Message me or post back here if you're interested! Gonna go live at either 10pm EST, or 11pm EST, on either a Thursday or Friday evening.

message 15: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments Well I would be willing to help out if you wish. I have not read the book yet but I do have the eBook floating around somewhere.

message 16: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Nice! I wasn't planning to read more Nina Bangs, but I'll do so for the start up of this group. Plus the description sounds smuttier than Eternal Pleasure, so I'm hoping it means her writing has improved. :)

Given the time planned, if it's a Friday night I might be able to participate. Unfortunately my job usually gets me out of bed at 5 am :P

message 17: by Christine (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments Awesome! Thank you both, Lady and Alex. I kind of went for the book because of how horrible it could potentially be. And also due to it's availability at the library in comparison to other works by Nina Bangs. I'll aim for a Friday if possible, and keep you both posted. If either of you have twitter you can follow me and/or #BeaverDreams. :)

message 18: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Christine wrote: "Awesome! Thank you both, Lady and Alex. I kind of went for the book because of how horrible it could potentially be. And also due to it's availability at the library in comparison to other works by..."

In the words of Zaboo, "Twitter followed"!

Next question, and it will reveal limited tech prowess. I have not done a Google+ Hangout before, and I would need a new webcam and mike. Any specs particular to Google+ I need to look for?

message 19: by Christine (last edited Sep 09, 2012 10:43AM) (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments Not that I know of, Lady. I did a technical test to see if my camcorder + firewire could act as a webcam... because that set up USED to work for Skype, until 2 or 3 versions ago when the programmers of Skype decided it had to be webcam only! Basically any webcam these days will have great picture. As for a mic... well, depends how pro you want to get. My old mic was like the $10 variety, and while it picked me up, it was rather quiet and I had to shout into it. However, it was also 10 years old. A basic mic should do fine as well. If you want a better one... Something uni-directional and sensitive. But I don't know any brands or anything besides the one that was gifted/leant to me: an audio-technica worth about $150. It's USB and looks rather fancy like Veronica's, only I don't have the awesome stand to put it right in my face (it's set back at least a foot from me on my desk on a tiny, barely-holds-it-up tripod). Something in the realm of $50 should give you good quality, but I don't like to tell people to spend money... so any cheap one you find... maybe try recording yourself (with headphones on) to check the volume, while you're whispering and stuff... if it doesn't pick you up, return it? I don't know. XD

Um... I like Logitech for webcams, they have good lenses. Even their cheapest models are quite good.

Too much info?! XD

What I meant to say at the beginning is that Google + is pretty smart and you can select in it's settings what it's using really easily.

message 20: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Not too much info :)

Thanks! Time to go shopping...

message 21: by Christine (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments Lady and Alex - Just to let you and everyone else watching this thread know, I've finally made my own Beaver Dreams thread here:

message 22: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Looks like Felicia likes the clever name :)

Thanks for putting this all together Christine!

message 23: by Christine (new)

Christine (animecanuck) | 410 comments You're welcome! I just really wanted to be more active online, and this was a great excuse to make more videos for my channel in a fun way. I was also really sad to see how low our Canadian numbers seem to be, so I thought we for sure should come together! :D

message 24: by Celine (new)

Celine | 25 comments Hey! I've just joined recently, but I got ahold of the alternate pick for this month (OPL doesn't have Cthulurotica, it seems, and I don't have a job) so I'll be starting to read that soon. I've got a lot on my plate, so I probably won't read the book this month, but I'd be up for something later.

message 25: by Sally (new)

Sally | 7 comments Did the Ottawa group ever get up and running? I'm south-west of town but would be interested in joining.

message 26: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments Other than the g+ hangout a couple of times, no, nothing has materialized yet, although I am still interested in doing an in person meeting once a month or so if people want, at a tim's or second cup, for discussion.

message 27: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Now that we have a few more Ottawa people showing interest, I agree we could organize a meeting for maybe in January.

For anyone following this thread who is interested, post what area of the city you're in and we can try to find a coffee place somewhere in the middle. Also mention if you use public transit so we can hopefully try to accommodate this.

I'm in the Silver City-Gloucester area, but I make frequent west end trips so I can be relatively flexible with location.

message 28: by Celine (new)

Celine | 25 comments I'm around Bayshore, but busing is pretty easy from here if I'm going east/west. North/south is a bit trickier but doable.

message 29: by Sally (new)

Sally | 7 comments I'm outside the city (near Smiths Falls) but I work in Nepean. I have a car, so I'm fairly flexible with location.

message 30: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments I live around south keys but travel to Kanata for work each day so anywhere along that route works for me.

message 31: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments Does anyone have a prefered date to meet up? I usually ha more free time on weekends than weekdays due to long hours but I can make something work depending when and where people want to meet. Also is there a suggested location? I am a big fan of coffee shop take-overs. Especially one with comfy chairs/couches.

message 32: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Hello all!

Ok so January has flown by it seems, so perhaps we could put something together for February. Given the locations posted it looks like maybe either Kanata or Westboro would be good options for taking over some unsuspecting coffee shop :) Let me know of any objections.

I agree with a weekend if possible. I know the first weekend of February is out for me. The Family Day weekend follows, so I don't know if that would work for others (because, you know, family...) I know I'm free for an afternoon gathering on the 23rd (Saturday). So would anyone else maybe be up for that day? If so any particular time? I'm thinking maybe 2pm-ish.

Any suggestions welcome :)

message 33: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) I realized I forgot the weekend of Feb 9/10. That is also a possibility.

message 34: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments I am up for any weekend since I have few real time commitments other than work. I do usually have a class on Saturdays but it is a drop in class so I can miss one occasionally.

message 35: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) I think Bridgehead would be a good place, being a local chain and all. Actually, if there are no objections to Little Italy area, maybe we could try to get a spot at the new roastery off Preston. Otherwise, Westboro has two locations on Richmond Road to choose from.

message 36: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments That is a great idea. I like Bridgehead and I have not tried the roastery yet.

message 37: by Celine (new)

Celine | 25 comments I've been to the one off Preston, it was really nice. Any weekend after this one should be okay for me.

message 38: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) Cool. So if I have two or more "Yeahs" from others I will set up an event for Saturday, February 23 at 2pm.

message 39: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) At the Bridgehead Roastery off of Preston St.

message 40: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments Unfortunately I will be in Florida that weekend and the one after.

message 41: by Robert (new)

Robert (helga666) | 31 comments if there is still a meet up at on feb 23 at 1400 i will be there.

message 42: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) I unfortunately can't make it anymore either. Maybe we could aim for something in late March?

message 43: by Robert (new)

Robert (helga666) | 31 comments np

message 44: by Kat (new)

Kat Lim | 63 comments Would love to meet some Ottawa folks who have read the March book pick! (Downtown area, but willing to tough it out on OC Transpo.)

message 45: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments How about we meet the evening of March 7th (Thursday) around 7pm (after work for all the gov people) at the Second Cup on Dalhousie and Rideau. Lots of couches and tables there and parking should be reasonable at that time. Will that work for people?

message 46: by Kat (new)

Kat Lim | 63 comments Unfortunately, I have another meeting on March 7th, so wouldn't be able to make it. I'll look forward to next time, though!

message 47: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (ladycello) I will be working late that night as well, so unfortunately a no go for me.

What about a weekend, maybe either the 16th or 17th? (That works for me...)

message 48: by Kat (new)

Kat Lim | 63 comments March 16th/17th or 23rd/24th both work well for me as weekends this month.

message 49: by Alex (new)

Alex Mayer (alex_mayer) | 209 comments Sunday's are better for me, so the 17th or the 24th would be perfect. Does the location work for everyone?

message 50: by Kat (new)

Kat Lim | 63 comments Yes, the location is great. I don't have a preference for date - either works for me.

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