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They work for the Council

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Alexia walked in, dragging her brother behind her. She whistled when she saw the room. "It's so fancy." She ran and jumped onto the bed, grinning into the pillows, Basil still standing quietly in the doorway.

She sat up, propping herself on an elbow and looked over at him. "So, why you so mopey today?"

He sighed and closed the door, moving to sit at the foot of her bed. "Oh nothing, I just met a guy." She smirked. "He was... cute and all. I-I thought maybe he liked me, but then his girlfriend shows up and..."

Alexia scooted next to him, patting his back lightly. "Don't worry, you'll get laid sooner or later." He rolled his eyes.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Kristopher frowned and looked back and forth between number on piece of paper and door. At last, he scratched his arm and knocked on the door lightly.

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Alexia patted his cheek and rolled off the bed, opening the door. She put a hand on her hip, looking Kris up and down. "And who are you exactly?"

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♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Kristopher. And I came to see Basil." He looked at the paper and back at the girl in confusion, "He is here, right?"

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"You're here to see my brother?" She smiled. "Well come in." Alexia took a step back, opening the door further.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Kristopher smiled back at her and walked inside. He whistled lowly. This suite was more expensive than to all other workers.

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"I know, fancy fancy." Alexia pointed to Basil, who was watching them with wide eyes. "Over there."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Kristopher grinned seeing Basil, "Hey."

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He blinked. "Um... hi. What're you doing here?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Apologize." He said

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"Apologize for what?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments He shrugged, "If you though that she was my girlfriend, you are mistaken."

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"Well you're um..." he cleared his throat. "Straight. Aren't you?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Eh, I don't really know." He smiled

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"There's no need to apologize if you're not, um, attracted to me." His face turned red.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Strangely, I do like you." He smiled brighter

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"E-excuse me? Why?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Don't really know. Cute and smart. Maybe that's why." He shrugged

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He smiled slightly. "Okay then. But what about that girl? She just came up and... kissed you."

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Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments ((you traitor!))

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "That's the problem..." Kristopher scratched his head, "I'll just say that to Violet or Greg and they'll handle it."

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Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments ((such a traitor))

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"Handle how?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Break the news." He shrugged

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"What news?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "That..." He trailed off before shaking his head, "Never mind.

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Basil shrugged. "Okay... Have anything else to tell me?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Yes. Do you want to go for dinner?" Kristopher grinned at him

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He parted his lips, speechless, before answering with a nod. "Sure."

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Gio (mediamartyr17) | 4258 comments ((and a liar))

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments ((XP))

"Okey dokey! You fine with that?" He asked Basil's sister.

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Alexia nodded. "Be sure to use protection, you two. See you in the morning."

"Shut up, Lexi."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Kristopher smirked, "Don't worry. He will be safe. I swear on name of Abillon."

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"I hope you'll keep your word." She waved a hand towards the door. "Now get going."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Kristopher nodded and held his hand out to Basil, "Where do you want to go?"

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Basil stared at his hand before standing up, taking it shyly. "Anywhere, I don't mind."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Any favorite place?" Kristopher raised a brow

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"I haven't got to get around since we only just got here a few days ago." He shrugged. "So, do you have a favorite?"

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Usually that would be our kitchen but we can go fancier if you want. I have enough money." He smiled

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"The kitchen would be fine, I don't want you to waist your money..."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Alrighty. Our kitchen it is." He winked at him befoe disappearing with him

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments Kristopher appeared before the door along with Basil. He released his hand and smiled, "Here ya go."

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"Thank you, Kris." He smiled faintly and started opening the door. "Good luck with whatever it is you're doing."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Alright." Kris nodded and grinned at him, "Hopefully I'll do the contract."

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Basil nodded, hesitating from going inside. "Kiss him, you dolt!" Alexia called as she watched.

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Your sister is just like our cousin." Kristopher chuckled

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Basil smiled. "If she's anything like her... then I'm sorry."
He nodded to Kristopher before stepping into the room, pulling the door closed. "Bye."

♠Nightmares of Dreamer♠ (nightmaresofdreamer) | 9543 comments "Alright, good-bye." Kristopher waved and disappeared with a sigh.

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"So, how'd it go?" Alexia asked with a grin, dangling her legs over the bed.
"It wasn't a date, where's my stuff?" Basil looked around.
She rolled her eyes and pointed. "There, and I think he likes you."
"Whatever." Basil opened the book and started pulling out strange glasses filled with different chemicals. He flipped to a page in his scratched up notebook and continued with his experiments.

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