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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane (jane_jones) | 18 comments My favorite character is Royce - I like his curt sense of humor and his dark mysterious nature.

But I must say I liked how the book took Alric who was such a putz in the beginning and made him grow into a likeable character - I liked the way the "weight of being king" really transformed him.

message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather (ham1299) | 232 comments I agree about the evolution of Alric! I didn't like him at all at first, but by the end - grew quite fond of him.

I really like Hadrian. Not sure what it is, though.

message 3: by Robin (new)

Robin (robinsullivan) | 268 comments Mod
I know "way" to much since I've read the whole series - it is hard for me to subtract information from my brain and comment to who I liked best after reading book 1...but I will say this...I really like the friendship between Royce and Hadrian it is obvious that they have been together a long time and I like the way they interact.

I know they are thieves...but I would love to have them as friends. Before book 1 came out it had been about 8 mo to a year since I read it when I had to re-read it after the editors - and I was like ...Oh it's like seeing my old friends again. That was probably the single thing I ever said about my husband's books that meant the most to him.

message 4: by Vicki (new)

Vicki My favorite was definitely Royce, I loved his humor and his interactions with others. I also had a soft spot for Myron. I was quite upset when I thought he was going to die.

message 5: by Ann (new)

Ann (summergal) | 2 comments I like both Royce and Hadrian, their easy banter works well with the story. Who better to watch Alric's back? I haven't finished the story yet, but am really enjoying it.

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris  (haughtc) | 34 comments I liked just about all of the characters, and look forward to seeing their development in future books. Hadrian and Royce are great. They reminded me of Fafhrd and Gray Mouser (from Fritz Leiber's Swords and Deviltry) but they were fresh and entertaining in their own way.

I agree on Alric as far as his development, and Myron was fantastic.

I also loved the dwarf, Magnus. He was a great villain and full of laughs and nasty tricks as well. He's a great adversary for Royce and Hadrian.

And finally, I think someone needs to kick Archie's ass.

message 7: by Kristen (new)

Kristen (ravenskya) Myron probably... I liked how sweet and innocent he is.

message 8: by Cameron (new)

Cameron (cswagner) | 6 comments I liked Hadrian the best, I do believe. Although, Myron would probably be a close second.

message 9: by Mattie (new)

Mattie | 24 comments Royce is definitely my favorite. I can't help but love dark, complex characters. :)

message 10: by Michael (new)

Michael (michaeljsullivan) | 347 comments Mod
Sounds good to me!

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