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message 1: by Jess (new)

Jess | 3721 comments This thread is to discuss: Bayou Moon by Ilona Andrews Bayou Moon (The Edge, #2) by Ilona Andrews

Discussion to begin in June.

message 2: by Darcy (new)

Darcy (sunnytat462) | 3121 comments This book takes place 2 years after the first one, and we learn more about the Edge and more specifically an area called The Mire, a place where exiles are welcome.

One such family of exiles are the Mar's, Cerise the defacto head of the family. The Mar's are a large family, that like others, are involved in a fued with another family, one who has been manipulated by The Hand.

The Hand, who happens to be an old enemy of William's, has been asked to go on a mission to go after The Hand. It is during this mission that William crossed paths with Cerise. Cerise is on her own mission to save her families property, but as they seem to be on the same path, these 2 travel together. The more time they spend together the more their attraction becomes, with each holding secrets from the other.

The action ramps up with the feud, lots of magic, weird creatures, and Cerise's crazy family, which was one of the best aspects of the book. I can't wait for more books set in this world!!

message 3: by Jaime (new)

Jaime Rush (jaime_rush) | 126 comments I loved this book, so loved William! More than Declan, actually. Cerise was a great heroine, too. The atmosphere of the Mire and all its crazy creatures is fascinating. Did I say I loved William? LOL

I just finished the next book in the Edge series, Fate's Edge. You get a bit of the characters in this book, which is nice. And that's all I'm saying :X

message 4: by Jill (new)

Jill | 111 comments I have ordered the hard copy of this from amazon, but i won't jet it until July, total bummer. Can't wait to read it, loved the first one of this series.

message 5: by Jill (new)

Jill | 111 comments Yaaaay!! It just got here, total surprise. I am starting now.

message 6: by Issa (new)

Issa (goddess_issa) This is my favorite of the series. I absolutely loved William and Cerise is my favorite heroine. I love the scene where they get together for tryst and how she got him to the rendezvous point.

message 7: by Michelle (new)

Michelle (michelle0613) | 6 comments Loved this book. William is such a great character. I want to read more about him and Cerise. Just started Fate's Edge which I love already.

message 8: by ~Leslie~ (new)

~Leslie~ (akareadingmachine) I'm just lurking. This is one my favorite series! Enjoy the ride.

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