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Blood Lite III: Aftertaste (Blood Lite, #3)
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I was a Teenage Bigfoot

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James | 33 comments I just finished reading the Short Story I was a Teenage Bigfoot, the second (But oddly the first released) in the Bigfoot stories that Jim Butcher is releasing while we are all waiting for Cold Days. Just wondering if anyone else had read it.

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I have. And I found the concept pretty cool. I liked the story a lot but don't want to spoiler anyone :D

James | 33 comments I did as well, the third part of the story comes out next week from what I hear. Looking forward to it and the first part when it finally gets here next month.

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i'm definitely curious about that. how did you like the rest of the book? I'm almost through.

James | 33 comments I'm working on that even as we speak, got it last night late and only had time to finish the first story, into the second after work today.

James | 33 comments So far I've completed the first three stories, of the second two, I remain unimpressed, they were okay hoping it gets better as I get deeper into the book.

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