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message 1: by Barbikat60 (new)

Barbikat60 | 32 comments Mod
I'm having concerns about Kindle, Nook and other electronic devices for reading. Am I a Luddite? I just love the feel of a book in my hands and I love to pass on a book to others and have them pass it on. It's the gift that keeps on giving. I feel that the devices are pretty selfish. I'm sure for some people, it's much more handy than a book but I really don't know. Can I get your opinions on Kindle, Nook and other electronic reading devices?

message 2: by M.v (new)

M.v well, it's hard to say sometimes. Like you, I actually like the feel of a book in my hands, turning the page and relishing in the smell of the work done in making the book (maybe that is just me...). However, sometimes it is a convenience to have electronic reading devices. Believe it or not, some authors use these electronic devices to get their work read and noticed. I noticed recently on this website, some "indie" authors who sell their books at some sort of price or have them for free and you can keep a copy on your computer or your electronic reading device. In my opinion, if it helps authors to get their work out there and help get their name out, I actually think its worth keeping. You still have an option of having both. You don't have to give up on reading your book in both electronic and non-electronic. Just make your choices wisely.

message 3: by Halley (new)

Halley You are a Luddite. The future is upon us. That doesn't mean that I don't also prefer actual books, though there are times when I need a book in a pinch and it is significantly easier to download it than find it in hard copy. My real complaint about e-reading exclusively is that I can't build a library. I dearly love looking around and being surrounded by books (librarian speaking). You can't do that with an e-reader.

message 4: by Gary (new)

Gary Patella | 3 comments I feel the same way. I know that probably means I'm also a luddite to a certain extent, but I just can't see myself reading on an e-reader.

Aside from the feel of a book in one's hands, I think about the future "bookshelves." Other than that thrilling feeling when surrounded by books (as mentioned by Halley), there is real aesthetic value to a filled bookshelf.

At least we live in an early enough period to appreciate the beauty of bookshelves and libraries. In the future, all books will be electronic files.

message 5: by Feliks (last edited Apr 05, 2015 09:32PM) (new)

Feliks (dzerzhinsky) | 134 comments Mod
No one who truly loves or values books reads them via a polycarbonite touch-screen manufactured in some far-off Asian factory. Period.

You're not a backward 'Luddite' if you stick with the printed page--rather, you are sane and reasonable and sober. You are a serious reader if you read your books on print.

The whole e-book trend is bogus; its for casual readers; lazy readers; and trend-followers.

Every fadder loves to tell you, 'the future here now'. But it never is. Fads always fail.

Stick with tradition, stick with the tried-and-the-true. You know what you're getting.

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