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Maggie (maggie-swift) Umm, correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe Tenzin and his family are the only Airbenders. After all, Avatar Aang was "The Last Airbender."

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Maggie (maggie-swift) So the bending dominance is carried through the father. Aang + Katara = airbenders, male fire and female earth means firebender kids, etc.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) Official Avatar site on, and the Avatar wiki. Hold on, let me clarify...

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Maggie (maggie-swift) My apologies. I was under the impression that I had read somewhere that the genes of bending are passed through the father, but Mako and Bolin ... I'll have to look onto it.

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Name: Avigale Roray
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Bender type: Water

Appearance: Tousled chocolate hair cover his pale forhead. His bangs are choppy and rugged. Avigale's eyes are two concealed chestnuts. His nose is large and Greek-like. Avigale's jaw is almost always locked together. Fairly tall and fit, Avigale's muscles are nothing new or impressive. Just for the average Pro-Bender. His movements are light and lithe. He prefers defence towards offence and is as swift as a coursing river. (<-- I'm sorry... I couldn't help myself. :3)
Personality/traits/skills: Quiet and private, you will not get much out him. He really reflects on his actions. Obviously, for Avigale, actions come out stronger than words. Often the buzz-kill with a small sense of humour. However, despite all these, it is possible to open him up. Usually, this will happen in his time of emotion or stress or when the company he is with opens up first.
Un-sensitivity is no longer a problem here. He's really sensitive. Unfortunately, as mentioned before, he keeps it cooped up inside of him. Therefore, he takes a lot of it out during battling in Pro-Bending Matches.

History: Avigale traveled from the Northern Tribe when he turned sixteen. He learned how to fight and water bend at home. Every once in a while, he returns to see his family.It took him about a week to get to Republic City (He travelled by both boat and by train).

Family: Avigale used to live with his parents Verra and Fegor Roray and his younger sister, Joyhlier. Both females work as healers in the northern tribe. Fegor is a warrior.
Crush: Open.
Bf/gf: Open.
Spouse: Open.
Other: Kai and Avigale are in a Pro-Bending team. He works at a Hotel for extra money.

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yael Name: Kai Sòng
Gender: F
Age: 16
Bender type: Fire

Appearance: Similar to-
Kai has light brown hair and forest green eyes. She one or two inches above average height. She's skinny and has a white smile. She usually has a strand twisted in her hair with a symbol at the end: (5th one in the 1st row)
Personality: Kai is bold and witty. She stands up for almost anyone and expressed both love and hate through agression. She's agressive and her personality changes over time on the outside. But she has a small soft spot. She's likes going outside and exploring and animals. Kai likes the nighttime and high places, and practicing for pro bending matches.
History: Kai's father was taken away of his bending and disappeared a year later. Kai's mother was hurt and her personality changes overtome, just like Kai, but more severe. Kai felt neglected at home and disappeared often. She felt a close bond to her brother.
Traits: Determined
Skills: Quick thinking (reflexes)

Family: Mother and older brother
Crush: --
Bf/gf: --
Spouse: --
Other: ~Pro bending team with Avigale
~has a pet Mongoose Dragon name Jin

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Name: Akamu
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Bender type: Earth

Appearance: Straight long blond hair cover his bright blue eyes. A small nose and red cheeks surround his pale pink lips. Well built but not overly muscled, Akamua has the right build for an earth bender - broad shoulders, tall, and shoes with holes in them.

Personality/traits/skills: Loud, over-confident and sarcastic. The three words that match Akamu best. Akamu has been training ever since he was five years old and has mastered all the types of Earth bending: earth, metal and sand- hence his over-confidence. Big headed with the idea that he is the very best, like no one ever was [once again, my apologies, but it could not have been stopped). Trained by a great coach in the Earth Kingdom, he has gained much wisdom in battle. Unfortunately, his brains limit until there. He can only gain if he practices or does a mistake.

History: Akamu lived nearby in the Earth Kingdom in the great city until he turned sixteen. He trained from an early age to become a great bender. It was his dream to become part of the police/security in Republic City. To continue his training and such, he moved to Republic City at sixteen.
Family: Akamu lived with his mother. His father had perished in a car crash.
Crush: Open.
Bf/gf: Open.
Spouse: Open.
Other: Anyone wish to join his Pro-Bending team?

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Hunter Law | 1 comments Name: Hunter Ribbit
Gender: Male
Age: 11
Bender type: Air

Appearance: Green eyes with Blondel hair covering one. Extremely white teeth that are unusually sharp. Blue arrow on forehead. A bushy Blonde mustache under a sharp pointy nose. Elflike ears.
Personality: Wise but regrets a lot of things. Has encredible strength which is strange since he can air bend. Likes to read ever since he learned to walk on walls. Invented the extreme blow cough technique for getting sick often. Likes the ocean.
History: Was born in the air temple and achieved many things at a young age. Became a pro bender at age ten. Started getting sick often after he learned the air ball technique. He invented the super air cough technique as soon as he realized that was happening. Big fan of bending.
Traits: Same thing as personality.
Skills: Same thing as personality.

Family: My mom, dad, and brother, Dayton.
Crush: None
Bf/gf: Open
Spouse: Too young
Other: Has a pet sky bison named Hitoshi.

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I believe that there are no air benders yet.

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