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yael Name: Kai Sòng
Gender: F
Age: 16
Bender type: Fire

Appearance: Similar to-
Kai has light brown hair and forest green eyes. She one or two inches above average height. She's skinny and has a white smile. She usually has a strand twisted in her hair with a symbol at the end: (5th one in the 1st row)

Personality: Kai is bold and witty. She stands up for almost anyone and expressed both love and hate through agression. She's agressive and her personality changes over time on the outside. But she has a small soft spot. She's likes going outside and exploring and animals. Kai likes the nighttime and high places, and attending pro bending matches.

History: Kai's father was taken away of his bending and disappeared a year later. Kai's mother was hurt and her personality changes overtome, just like Kai, but more severe. Kai felt neglected at home and disappeared often. She felt a close bond to her brother.

Family: Mother and older brother (I will make him soon)
Crush: Open
Bf/gf: Open
Spouse: --
Other: She has a pet Mongoose Dragon name Jin

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yael Nice character! but the picture doesnt show though ^^

*looks at the other section* *screams like a fangirl* of course!!

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Wait... why is it fire nation? I thought I put it in Pro-Bending. Uno- momento.

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yael Lauren (Flame) wrote: "Accepted."

I moved her to the pro bending section.

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Roleplay? :D

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yael yep :D im at republic city

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