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Shawn (sounix) | 133 comments Mod
The read for June 2012.

Gregory Rothbard (polycarp55) I am picturing this story as told by a classic golden age science fiction writer. The sea could be space, yeah? Also this book can be heard on Libri Vox.

Gregory Rothbard (polycarp55) Also of interest- here are a few prayers for the traveler found on Belief.Net.

May it be Your will, Lord my God, to lead me on the way of peace and guide and direct my steps in peace, so that You will bring me happily to my destination, safe and sound. Save me from danger on the way. Give me good grace, kindness and favor in both Your eyes and in the eyes of all whom I may meet. Hear this my prayer, for you are a God who hears to the heart's supplication and communion. Blessed are You, Lord our God, who hears prayer.

Tefilat HaDerekh, the Jewish prayer for travelers; according to some practices, recited just before the plane takes off, to extend the hope for safety to every plane in the sky

Orthodox Christian

Be mindful, O Lord, of those who travel by land, by sea, and by air; of the old and young, the sick, the suffering, the sorrowing, the afflicted, the captives, the needy and the poor; and upon them all send forth Thy mercies, for Thou art the Giver of all good things.

--Orthodox Christian liturgy

Roman Catholic

O Almighty and merciful God, who has commissioned your angels to guide and protect us, may they be our companions from our setting out until our return. Clothe us with their invisible protection; keep from us all danger of collision, of fire, of explosion, of falling; and finally,having preserved us from all evil, and especially from sin, guide us to our heavenly home. Through Jesus Christ, our Lord. Amen.

--Roman Catholic Prayer for Travelers


In the name of Allah! I have placed faith in Allah and I have put full trust in Allah. It is as Allah wills! There is no strength and no power save with Allah.

O Allah! Protect me and protect what is with me, and deliver me to my destination. By Allah I commence my journey; by Allah I seek to accomplish the purpose of my journey; and by Muhammad (s.a.w.) I have set out. O Allah, make me overcome all; and make easy for me all difficulties; and give me more of goodness than I hope for; and keep away all evil of which I am apprehensive for my health, O the most Merciful.

Read more:

Gregory Rothbard (polycarp55) Gregory wrote: "I am picturing this story as told by a classic golden age science fiction writer. The sea could be space, yeah? Also this book can be heard on Libri Vox."

I really like the reading by Stewart Wills. He does an outstanding job of the fourteen hour (plus) read. He catches the sense of humor, and the feeling of Conrad's interesting tale.

Gregory Rothbard (polycarp55) The book asks:
Can a man run away from his past ruins? Or do they hunt him down till the present moment catches up with him? A haunting portrait of a man made from ruins. Is the earth big enough to hold the caper?

message 6: by Stuart (last edited Jun 14, 2012 05:12AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Stuart (essteeyou) | 4 comments There was a bit where one of the patients was speaking of reptiles where I thought I'd greatly misunderstood the genre of this book. :)

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