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( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay So this camp is more like a school but Camp Aptitude sounds better :)

Haha it's owned by three people; Madame Hastings, Madame Hale, and Madame Masters.

The school is for all year and it just opened. If you are 19 this is your only chance to attend the school and make something of your life. If you are one of the 10 talented chosen then you get your dreams come true. (Must be 19 to be chosen)

If you are 18 and younger you may get the chance to return to the school, depending on your preformance ratings and amount of talent.

It is located on a private island and on the day of first term everyone is flown into the school by a private jet.

The school is state of the art and it's term goes from June- March. After March students are sent back home and two weeks before the beginning term they will recieve a letter to tell them if they are returning or not.

You can start at the school at any age and this is the first year it has been opened so almost no one will known much about the school.

The only people who will know something about the school are the children of the three headmistress'. Each Headmistress has 1-3 children. Myself and my two mods will represent the headmistress and you must ask to be one of their children.

The school has mixed boarding allowing males and females to room together. If a female gets pregnant she is immediately expelled from the school.

There are uniforms:

Girls: (view spoiler)

Boys: (view spoiler)

When you arrive you are supplied with a card that has your picture, talent, age, and any major health problems on it. You must carry the card at all times and when you wish to go somewhere you must swipe the card through the card reader that is stationed at every door. If you have bad grades you will not be allowed anywhere fun.

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