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message 1: by Nina (new)

Nina (LaceyBear3) | 2 comments o3o Um um um um...I'm going to have issues with the power playing at first before I get used to it, because back at the other site I rped at for 2 years, thats how you fought. The damage wasn't definate, you could easily evade an attack, but that was the way we sot of fought. So please be patient with me as I try to rework my style of fighting. D:

message 2: by Maggie (new)

Maggie (maggie-swift) No problem. It's difficult, especially when you have an end result perfectly in your mind, but the other player just doesn't see it. Easily resolved with pleas ((oh magnificent Nina, please would you let your character fall for a moment? I've got this epic idea; don't worry, though, Paku won't die, just see something amazing. Please?)) and usually the other person (if willing) will play along.

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) | 92 comments The only recurring "bad language" I ever use on websites and really anywhere is crap. Dat's it.

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