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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 48 comments Mod
GUILD QUEEN: Almara Ha’Shana
GUILDMOTHERS: Rania Ha’Yara, Sanu Ha’Ula, Hara Ha’Ula, and Jaelyn Ha’Jael.

Guildmother Rania Ha'Yara is the highest-ranked member under the Guild Queen. She is responsible for making sure the Guildhall runs smoothly.

Guildmother Sanu Ha'Ula is in charge of novices, their training, and their discipline.

Guildmother Hara Ha'Ula is Sanu's sister, and in charge of communications with the outside world (mainly keeping their presence a secret).

Guildmother Jaelyn Ha'Jael is in charge of the operation to collect young girls for training. Only a few are selected each year, so less weeding out will be done.


You can either create a new novice or Guild Sister character, or play as one of those mentioned above. The Guild Queen is NPC for now.

Guild Sister, Guildmother, Sister Novice
Years in training: If applicable.

Appearance: ELABORATE. No limit on sentences here, but if I or the mods say it's not enough, it's not enough.
Personality/History: Same goes.
Connections?: Sisters, brothers, friends, enemies...?

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yael Name: Zara Ha'Nadia
Age: 19 ((is there an age limit?))
Rank: Guild Sister
Years in training: 13 years.

Appearance: http://s2.favim.com/orig/35/barbara-p...
She's one or two inches above average height. She's not very thin, but skinny and slightly muscular. Her eyes are crystal blue, and some people believe she's blind. She has long lashes and long legs. Her most distinct features are red markings. Arcs around her eyes, and one on her arm- http://fc02.deviantart.net/images/lar...

Personality: She's bold and witty. Her emotions change over time. On the outside, she's stubborn and violent. But when you know her, she's all pretty much the same, but she has a soft spot. She enjoys being outside, children and animals. She stands up for people, and shows both love and hate agressively. She's loyal to the Dragonfly Guild.

History: Before she was picked up by a Guild Sister, one of Zara's brother died. Zara's brother was blind, but she felt a closer bond to her siblings than her parents. Her mother was kind, but her father only cared about his wife, and never about the rest of his family. When she was 3, her mother caught a terrible illness. Many healers tried as many medicines as possible, but they had no affect. Her mother died a year later. Since then, her father seemed further away and often drifted in his own thoughts, and rarely showed up at home. Her father vanished when he went out at night one day. It wasn't until a week later, Zara found out. Unsurprisingly, she didn't care because she felt that her father was stealing her mother away (as in spending lots of time with her, and leaving Zara out of it).

Connections?: She knows many people, and some that you would never imagine she owuld be friends with. Her main connection is her brother.

Other: ~She's a wonderful dancer

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Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) | 22 comments Mod
Alright, I'll do the first legit one.

Name: Adelaide Ha'Emeline
Age: 21
Rank: Guild Sister
Years in training: 10
Appearance: With brown hair and electric blue eyes buzzing with life, Adelaide is a tall beauty. Her sharp jaw gives her a serious and charming look, and she's light on her toes. She does have her flaws, like everyone else. Her shoulders are broad which makes her neck look long. Her nose is a bit... uneven... and her knees are scrawny. Oh, and no one has seen her feet before, and I don't think they'll want to.

Her hair gives her face a mysterious glow, and her eyes are worth looking at. They seem out of place, but they're intriguing. If the eyes really are the windows to the soul, then her soul is electrified. Her dusty rose lips are the color of her cheeks, which amplify her cheekbones. Her tan skin pulls her features together, making everything snap into place.

Personality: Adelaide has an air of superiority around her, but doesn't mean to have it. Most of the time she is intellectual and serious, but sometimes she lets a little of her inner child shine through. Her laugh, if it's a "Oh, that's funny!" laugh, sounds like tinkling bells in a breeze. If it's a "HAHA I DOMINATE ALL!!" laugh (which very rarely happens!) it could get a little more menacing.

Sometimes she gets a little excited. Most people do, so she doesn't realize that she's 21 and needs to act her age. But sometimes she gets hard-core, and she will do what she has to do if she's called upon. Loyalty is key. (That rhymes!!! :D)

History: Taken at a young-ish age (not really), some of her family gets fuzzy from time to time. (It's been 11 years, so I mean, come on!)She's starting to forget what her mother looks like, for example. All Adelaide can remember is her mother's rosemary smell. A little weird, but it's all she can hold on to. Daughter of Frederick and Emeline, and sister of Henry, Isabel, and Juliana.

Connections: She has not yet made many friends, for she is very independent. But who knows? Twelfth year is the charm, right? She does not know if her family is even alive, because she has not had very many chances to find them.

Other: Adelaide also loves to sing, but dances horribly!

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Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 42 comments Name: Ilia Ha’Elena (EYE-lee-ah)
Age: 18
Rank: Guild Sister
Appearance: Ilia has a pair of stoic blue eyes which rarely ever reveal anything about the surreptitious girl. Her pale pink lips are usually curled in a vague smirk that gives the impression that she just might be better than everyone else. With high cheekbones and a small round face, she takes care to make herself look presentable. Short, brown hair is cut off just past her ears, where Ilia intends to keep it (long hair always got in the way of any sort of training). She’s tall and wiry with fair skin. With her stature, grace is only natural to her.

“Sorry, boys, I’m so changeable.”
image 3

History: Ilia is the epitome of cockiness. She’s always been so, even as a child. Her parents spoiled her (as any wealthy parent would to their only child), building her up to be more than what she was capable of until both parent and child believed that she was, in fact, gifted. When news that the King himself requested for Ilia to join him at the castle, her parents were overjoyed. Finally, their little girl was given the attention she deserved.

The unsuspecting parents never heard from their little girl again.

When told the truth of her withdrawal from her home, the young Ilia was upset, as was expected. Eventually she found her place in the Guild, where she worked hard to surpass her peers in everything she could, though only truly succeeding in anything directly stealth related. Her lithe form moved easily among any potential hiding spots. Anything that cannot be well strategized comes as a difficulty to Ilia, as she gets frazzled, though obviously she did well enough during examinations that she passed.

Personality: Not one to be afraid of voicing her opinion, often times she’s seen as a cynic. Her sharp tongue (“Dear God. What’s it like in your funny little brain? It must be so boring,” “Brilliant… Yes, brilliant impression of a moron.”) has earned quite a few “warnings” from a few of the older Guild members as well as a few enemies within the tight knit group. Though her patience wears thin with other people, she can wait for hours upon hours when alone on a mission.

Elena Brook (nee, Waters) — mother (out of contact)
Richard Brook — father (out of contact)
Open (enemies, acquaintances)

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Rein Ha'Azarashi

Age: 23

Rank: Guild Sister

Years in training: 13

Rein has beautiful olive skin that glows like fire embers in the sunlight. As well as her siblings, she has dark hair, but like Kohl, she shines and flirts lightly colored eyes. She has long, dainty musician's fingers that tempt animals to near her, and befriend her. No other odd marking can be found on her, no freckles, nor birthmarks.

Personality Rein is a serious, by-the-book kind of person who always wants to keep in line and follow the rules, but that doesn't make her a mindless tool. Rein can think for herself and prolongs answers because he takes time to think about it. She knows exactly what she wants and knows((THINKS)) that her decisions are the best for everyone who is involved and their well-being.

Rein is also the responsible one, that has always gotten what needs to be done...CORRECTLY and ON TIME. She's never let anyone down on a promise before, because she never makes promises. Rein is a person who knows you can only control so much, so no matter how much she wants to control everything, she knows when to let go.

History: Rein doesn't have anything interesting to tell, no tale to whisper in the residencies, and no quest to boast about in a crowded room. She was raised up on a large piece of land that farmed fruit and brewed simple healing potions, nothing special. Her sister and brother are ; Thalia and Kohl. Thalia is a member of the Dragonfly guild, and Kohl of the Swordmasters.

Connections?: Younger brother, Khol, who is a sword-
master-in-training and Thalia, her younger sister whom is also in the guild.

Other: Very skilled in potions and herbal knowledge, and she doesn't wish to be in the Guild anymore, but doesn't have the heart or courage to say so.


Name: Thalia Ha'Azarashi


Rank: Sister Novice

Years in training: 2

Thalia has the same colored hair like unto her siblings, but has fairer skin, and darker eyes with a splash of freckles over her nose. She, unlike her sister, has several marking of scars, clumsily made cuts and bruises, and eve has a loop of thin Opal-Iron alloy through her lip. Her hands are small, and her fingers are short with a large palm space, perfect for gymastics and violent acts. She's curvier than her elder sister, which leads her to believe she is over weight, because in her mind curves = fat.


Personality: Wild. Thalia doesn't care what happens one way or another. She's always trying to get a good laugh, or make people smile. Aaaand, that's about it with her. She's crazy, has a loose tounge, no shame, no boundries, no rules, etc.

History: *See: Rein (above profile)

Connections?: An older brother, Khol, who is a sword-master-in-training, and Rein, her older sister who is in the guild.

Other: Constantly has something in her mouth. Candy, grass, a rock, pen, wheat, food, weapon...it varies. It's usually candy or grass.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 48 comments Mod
Please read the background info on the Guild, Kayla. Ivi's right. These girls are recruited. And Ninjas, could you add more than a link for appearance? Fill in both girls' history (even if it's copied from Kohl) and add that they're sisters or whatever their relationship is (since they both know Kohl, I'll assume they're full- or half-sisters?) Thanks.

SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! Sorry, I'm kinda new at this kinda thing. Did I change it correctly? If not, please let me know.

Iviana (The Sign Painter) Mʘ‿ʘP (thesignpainter) | 42 comments She wouldn't have gone to the Guild, as A) I doubt they would know where it is (could be wrong on this) and B) they look for recruits. Recruits dont go to them. Reread the background info again.

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Maggie (maggie-swift) | 48 comments Mod
Iviana (The Sign Painter) wrote: "She wouldn't have gone to the Guild, as A) I doubt they would know where it is (could be wrong on this) and B) they look for recruits. Recruits dont go to them. Reread the background info again."

Ivi's right, again. Please fix it so it doesn't seem like she came crawling to the Guild. I put up a map--no child could make a climb up a tall mountain like that, and again, they're recruited.

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SYNCHRONIZED DAAANCE!!!! Ok, I understand that you guys want the facts straight, and I know that I asked you to tell me if I got it wrong, but I don't like the way you guys are going about it. It feels like you're attacking me, and I don't know why. I could be interpreting it wrong, but I honestly don't think I am. And I don't think I was making it to where my character was crawling to them. And I tried re-reading the background, but it's not really telling me what you guys are telling me it says. I'm sorry that I'm not getting my profile EXACTLY the way you want it; I'll take it off and leave the group, cuz I really don't think you guys want me here. Bye.

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Ada (caladhieledhel-mellon) Name: Mara Ha’Rhonara

Age: 17 (At her best estimate, anyway; birthdays were considered inconsequential in her family.)

Rank: Guild Sister

Years in training: 7

Appearance: Her personality, or rather the aura that seems to hang about her as encompassingly as her black clothing, makes an impression long before her appearance does, and with good reason. Mara presents an uncompromisingly plain facade to a world that has never paid much attention to her. She is of medium height and solid build, slender but muscular from the harsh physical training of the Guild. Hers is a body meant to endure, not allure. Long hair of a nondescript brown fails to frame her face, as it is braided and wound into a tight bun at the back of her head. This is rather a pity, as having her hair down about her face might disguise her somewhat mannish features: a broad firm chin, very slightly broader but unprominent cheekbones, and strong eyebrows. It is a face with no room for compromise, and might be slightly terrifying in conjunction with the full gaze of her honey-brown eyes, but as she keeps her eyes downcast, this is entirely unlikely. As to complexion, hers is rather pale from living in the constant cloudy, midge-y fug at the base of the mountains beside the swamp for the first ten years of her life, then mostly staying inside to avoid the harshness of the elements around the Guild's headquarters in the high mountain pass. She burns quickly, and the pinkness soon fades without a trace. Her only markings, aside from the usual freckle or two in out-of-the-way places, are the numerous small scars on her legs from the leeches that swarm anything with blood in the swamps.

Her overall unremarkable appearance makes her a great candidate for disguise. Her plain features and simple body are like a blank slate for anything that could hide her identity. Small breasts can be bound to near-flatness or enhanced with cloths stuffed in her bosom. Makeup can bring her almost androgynous face to surprising heights of beauty or barely effeminate masculinity. Her hair is easy to bleach (urine being the most common, if rather smelly, lightening agent) or dyed any color. The training she’s received allows her to blend in almost anywhere, and she does just that.

Personality: In order to really understand Mara’s personality, you must understand her cultural background. So let us begin with a bit of history, extracted from Karandin Ro’Pan’s not particularly famous and recently published History of the Assimilated Kingdoms of Hydraria, an account of the various nations added to that great land.

...A mere fifty years ago, our Monarch (Long may he Endure) took it upon his mind to Learn of Distant Lands to the North beyond the reaches of the Wastes Between. As the Great Conquering and Exploratory Army of Hydraria moved to the North across the River, they noted the supremely Inhospitable Nature of the land. Cruel Mountains, heretofore only seen as jagged teeth in the distance, loomed to the North and East. It is rumored that somewhere in these stony Citadels lies the home of the Infamous Dragonfly Guild, but assuredly none could survive among these Ancient, crumbling, sharp edged peaks, hoary with lichen and stunted, dead trees; shrouded in cloud, whipped by the Wind, and beaten by storm; plagued by the Avalanches which apparently Crushed to Smithereens the parties of Explorers which ventured within. And to the West lay a great Swamp, stagnant and festerous, where the flyblown corpses of luckless men sink slowly into the Fathomless Murk. Any who ventured within returned, if they were lucky, swollen from midge and mosquito bites and Wriggling with Leeches of Tremendous Girth, and if they were unlucky, vanished altogether.

It was in the narrow stretch of Stony and assumedly Uninhabited land between these Unpleasant Blemishes on the Face of the Earth that our Brave Explorers were shocked to discover a thriving Village of about a hundred and fifty Souls, scratching out a meagre Existence by breeding the hardiest Grains and domesticating Mountain Goats, Eeling in the Marsh, and catching, raising, and killing Water-Fowl. At the sight of our brave army (reduced alas by some fifty Individuals by the hard journey North), the Elders of the Village advanced to meet them and invited its leaders in for a cup of hot tea, during which they told them the Tale of the Village’s Birth.

It transpires that some hundred years ago, a group of Religious and Political Dissidents from a country far to the North was granted permission, after many years of petitioning and protests, to leave and make a life for themselves away from the Oppression of their Mother Nation. Giving themselves the name Ta’Rokku, meaning The Rock, a group of 300 led by Aido Ro’Kenta gathered their few possessions and began travelling South. They passed through Fertile fields and barren Wastelands, Prairies and Forests, walking many miles as one by one their number succumbed to Illness or Weariness or Exposure to the Elements. Yet still Aido walked on, a light of Determination and Holy Wisdom shining from his far-seeing eyes. At last he reached a place between Mountains and Fen, and here he bade his followers, now numbering only 50, halt, saying this was the place they were destined by God to Dwell. With much labor they got for themselves the rudiments of Agriculture and Society, and, ruled by strict laws limiting children born to each family to two because of the Lack of Resources, and the dictates of their own religion which demand Utter Simplicity of Lifestyle, their descendants have lived in Relative Tranquility ever since.

Upon announcement that their land was now under ownership of the Magnificent Kingdom of Hydraria and Her Great King, they responded with Shocking Neutrality, and soon an Annexation was negotiated in which the people of Rokku have Autonomy save in war-time when their men are eligible for the Draft; and as long as they pay Taxes to the sum of 1000 leeches
per anum they will be left in Peace...

The passage then goes on to list the further specifications of the agreement, which are more or less irrelevant.

Mara is very much a product of her place and upbringing. Stoics in nearly every sense of the word, the Ta’Rokku are trained from the very earliest age to ignore all physical discomfort, indeed all emotion. They are taught to look to necessity and bend to the inevitable, though only when it becomes clear what the inevitable is- thus the quick submission to Hydrarian rule. There are strict rules, designed to keep the people alive: a must in such a harsh environment. And there are no room for hangers-on. When a baby is born it is either strong enough to survive or quickly dies. No special treatment is shown to a child; nor is there neglect, just the necessity of not wasting resources on anyone. So Mara learned self-control, or rather self mastery, from the time she was very young. She gives away no emotion. As she was forced to bow to the inevitability of serving in the Dragonfly Guild, she strove to be the best at everything she possibly could. Her determination and maturity are renown among the guild, and also her apparent utter coldness. The Guild Mothers have her marked as a good potential assassin, though her ability to blend in makes her a good candidate for espionage as well.

But somewhere inside her is a little girl who longed for something beyond the dreary landscape of her village, who would slip away to climb high into the mountains to find the sunlight, and who managed to nurse an injured goat back to health when most were in favor of putting it out of its misery and giving its fodder to its compatriots. This now-repressed spirit of innocence and adventure might live somewhere within her... if only the right person came to draw it out.

History: As you’ve no doubt gathered, Mara had a rather dull early life. Her family were among the mountain-goat caretakers and had to brave the cliffs and elements daily to care for their flock. The Dragonfly Guild could hardly help but notice the village practically on its doorstep (separated as it were by a number of impassable mountains, but nonetheless) and were quick to remark upon the hardiness of its inhabitants. Mara’s unusual strength and surprising intellect (she was reading and memorizing the Holy Books of Ta’Rokku by the time she was three, an accomplishment indeed in a culture where reading is considered frivolous) caught their eye. When the representatives of the Guild came for her, giving their usual story, her parents glanced at each other, looked at Mara, sighed once, and told her to go grab her spare outfit and comport herself honorably in the courts. Her mother squeezed her hand. That was the extent of their farewell. Her sister, the five-year-old Mizo, began to cry quietly but a silent glance from their father silenced her. Mara curtsied and left, and did not look back.

She excelled in her studies under the tutelage of the Sisters, and even rather enjoyed them, though she refused to reveal this emotion. Her final test she passed easily, perhaps too easily, she thought, and was surprised to find that she’d been given it a month early. A mistake? Surely not... Perhaps, she thought to herself, there’s truth to the rumors of war and our potential involvement after all...

Rhonara Ha’Dena: Mother
Teifl Ro’Din: Father
Mizo Ha’Rhonara: Younger sister

Other: She’s never seen a flower, though she’s always secretly wanted to see one, or even better to grow one herself. Has a deep-seated hatred for leeches.

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Dots of Springtempo | 1 comments Name: Syelle Ha'Ashe
Age: 10
Rank: Sister Novice
Years in training: 1st

Appearance: She has dark grey-blue eyes, seeming waves of dark greens glinting in the sunlight. They're large and dark, and stand out against her white, delicate skin. Her hair is naturally white, silvery, without a hint of the grey of age. In light, there are slight glimmers of dark violet that play around the ends of her hair, looking more like shadows than touches of color.

Short in stature and very slender, she's altogether childlike and fragile. Her thin fingers seem too delicate to hold anything more than doll, with perfectly artistic fingernails. On the inside of her left wrist is the slightly raised scar of an intricately traced butterfly, cut long ago by someone she can't remember.

Personality/History: She holds herself in such high esteem that insults don't bother her. She feels physical pain acutely, but can tolerate great amounts of it, having experienced so much of it but not having grown immune to it. The butterfly on the inside of her left wrist is a mark of the torture she grew up with, but all she can remember is that she's been raised with pain. She's very mild, and while her emotions are strong, they are not dominant in her life.
Despite her build, she learns physical activities quickly, determined to do her best at this thing she knows and remembers the beginning of.
She doesn't remember who her parents are, who they were, or if she even grew up with parents. The memories she has and the lack of anything else hasn't turned her into a bitter husk. Rather, she's a generous, gentle person, but not like someone who goes out of her way to feed a hungry kitten. There's compassion inside her, but she doesn't let it dictate her actions.

Connections: She knows for sure that she has one twin brother. They're quite close.
Other: She loves food. Creating it is natural for her, and watching others eat what she makes fills her with satisfaction that eating food herself can never match.

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