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The Vault of Souls jumped the shark.

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Gloria Sigountos I have to agree. the more and more i think about how this series ended the less satisfied I was with it.

Danica I agree that the qualifications that Solembum set where not met. I also think that it shouldnt have ended there. However i loved the book and even with a couple.flaws... Was an awesome book!

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Nicole I hope there's another book. Hmm

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Nicole And they should say more about Angela, the witch.

Danica Yes! I was sooooo excited to find out who she was! I was so dissipointed when he didnt reveal pretty much anything about Angela!

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Joe In a way, the "When all seems lost and your power is insufficient..." clause is met. At this point in the series, Eragon, after conferring with many others and thinking the matter over with Saphira many times, has clearly concluded that he has absolutely no idea how, and without some miracle, no chance of defeating Galbatorix. The varden is fast approaching Uru'baen, and Eragon has nothing left to go to except the clue from Solembum. In the past, Solembum's advice about the Menoa tree proved crucial.

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Nicole yeah. saying that she should be a mystery. blah. blah. blah.

Badgerlord I they didn't really 'outclever' Gal either! Eragon managed to pull a hat trick with some radom speechless magic, using an idea given to him by one of the Eldunari!

Also, TV tropes!

Samantha The Escapist David wrote: "I have disagree Joe. Whenever the subject of how to defeat Galbatorix, Eragon and Saphira don't come away with anything other than "We'll just have to out clever Galby." There's no discussion of h..."

Yeah, I had to laugh at that. *I* felt like it was a big issue for the whole book so now and then they'd be talking about how they'd kill Galbatorix and I'm always stressing about it with them.

And then at the end nothing from the entire book leading up to it really had any value in the battle.

That's why in the 4th book I was much more interested n Nasuada's kidnapping and subsequent torture than most of what Eragon was doing.

Julianna Didn't Paloni say at one point in an interview that there would be no more hidden eggs or eldunari? When I read it, I was like "what???" Everything just fell into line too perfectly from that point on.

sushmitha Paolini could have done so much better with a potentially awesome series. But I felt he killed off Galbatorix pretty early on.And I don't think everything was lost when Nasuada got kidnapped.I think Paolini just didn't know when to introduce the chapter on the 'Rock of Kuthian'.

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Neil And the whole thing about creating a hole in the air allowing him to store them in some inter dimensional storage was messed up

Danica I thought it was okaayyyyyy... I mean it didnt make much sense but then again dragons dont make sense. Plus, how was he supposed to store hoards of Eldunari?

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