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A Wreath of Roses
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Lauren | 42 comments Let me know when you are ready to do a group read.

Luann Ritsema (luannr) | 42 comments I've got to read my book club book in the next couple of days but could start it right after that and be ready next week.

Karen | 75 comments I could do it also, though I need to finish Bowen first - didn't get much reading done last few days.

Karen | 75 comments I finished half an hour ago. Who wants to start? I know you have been finished a while, LuAnn. What about you, Lauren? Wow, this is dark, wasn't quite expecting it in spite of all the whisperings.

Lauren | 42 comments I just finished it last night. It is way dark intensely so. I loved the characters though and the mood. I found the ending somewhat shocking.

It would be interestingto contrast Frances with Beth from A View from the Harbour. Both creators, but so different in temperment and outlook.

Karen | 75 comments Dark beginning and dark ending. Camilla is such a sad character with no real direction in her life. She wanted something to happen so she'd have memories for the next year. Well, she certainly got them.

I loved the way Bertrand described the statis of painting, re: a Renoir or Degas one second after that one moment and how it would change everything.

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