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message 1: by Karla (last edited Jun 02, 2012 03:34PM) (new)

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments If you have a blogg list it here so we can all follow each other. =D


and Mister baby blues blog
David Estes

message 2: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (wulfgirl) Am following you now Karla!


Shy The WidowMaker (booklovingmama) Following both of you already. Here's mine though.

message 4: by Rachael (new)

Rachael (moosubi) | 14 comments I'm a little new at blogging... Anyways, if there's any way you can tell me to improve, tell me, please!

Followed all three of you!


message 5: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) here is mine


following everyone up to here

message 6: by RaeBeth (new)

RaeBeth | 6 comments Here is mine.


Let me know your from the group and I'll stop by yours if you leave your link in a comment. :)

message 7: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie I don't have one... haha

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

David's trilogy is actually on the reading list for MY INDIE SUMMER, where I read nothing but Indie and Selfpublished YA books! I will be posting reviews to his and all the other glorious Indie books I read this summer.

Come and join in by creating your own list's, with the Evolution trilogy on it of course!

I'd even love to do a buddy read if you guys were interested!


message 9: by Nicole (last edited May 30, 2012 05:16PM) (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 107 comments Got most of you already, but here is my massive amount of blogs....

Group of the most amazing bloggers and friends...

My Professional Blog for my company

Mine and My good friend Nikki's Personal Blog

My Author Crush and devoted friend (she is a recluse so we will never see her unless I post it for her, lol)

message 10: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (fabledhattress) Lol howdy Lynxie! :D

Here's mine, The Life Of A Southern Bound Soul: http://southernboundsoul.wordpress.com :D

message 11: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 107 comments Oh and Mr. Blue eyes himself...

David Estes

message 13: by Lynxie (new)

Lynxie Hey Sherri :D Fancy seeing you here ;)

message 14: by Brittany (new)

Brittany (wulfgirl) I think I'm following everyone now!

Shy The WidowMaker (booklovingmama) Im following all above.

message 17: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) I am following everyone up to here, I tried to follow everyone on GFC, Linky and networkblog, I even added a few twitter accounts.

message 21: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (fabledhattress) Well of course Lynxie! David invited me! :D

message 22: by Karla (new)

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments hi guys if any of you are interested there´s a thread to join the cover release of David´s new book on the 15th all the bloggers that want to take part on it, pls go to that thread to sign up =D

Jennifer (random jendsmit) (jendsmit) as of right now, I only have one blog. I'm a Diva ;)


message 24: by Midu (new)

Midu Hadi hehehe

Jennifer (random jendsmit) (jendsmit) Midu wrote: "hehehe"


message 26: by Karla (new)

Karla BookAddict2 (karlabookaddict) | 194 comments LMAO Jen!!!!

message 27: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 107 comments lmfao, I am a Diva too xoxoxxo

Hey Karla, put David's link in the first message too

message 28: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 107 comments Ok I followed everyone one the page (execpt the ones i already did) Follow back

message 30: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Judice (stephaniejudice) Rachael-your site is so cool-looking! I'm following down the list now, but had to stop and tell you. Very cool!

message 31: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 107 comments It is really cool looking Rachael, oh and I'm coley on GFC by the way, I gotta change that...

message 32: by Tana (new)

Tana (tana_t) ok I am following every up to here.


oh yeah and I'm a diva too....lmao

message 33: by Nicole (new)

Nicole (sharearead) | 107 comments lol Tana

Shy The WidowMaker (booklovingmama) Got all up to here.

message 35: by Rachael (new)

Rachael (moosubi) | 14 comments Stephanie wrote: "Rachael-your site is so cool-looking! I'm following down the list now, but had to stop and tell you. Very cool!"

Sorry I haven't been replying in a while - studying for finals (still in high school!) Thanks for the follow and the compliment about the coolness-looking (right word? maybe?) of my blog haha.

I think I followed back everyone I was supposed to... tell me if I didn't? Thanks c:

message 36: by Lola (last edited Jun 11, 2012 04:05AM) (new)

message 37: by Tellulah (new)

Tellulah Darling (tellulahdarling) I love seeing everyone's design aesthetic as much as the reviews. Here's mine: http://www.tellulahdarling.com. I'm taking my years of screenwriting experience to chat about what makes great characters in books, tv and film.

Alana ~ The Book Pimp (loonyalana) | 295 comments Just thought I'd share my latest post, a review of

The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers, #1) by David Estes

message 39: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Judice (stephaniejudice) Hey, guys! Here's a fun author interview with David about himself and THE MOON DWELLERS.


message 41: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (agoddessofliterature) Wasn't sure which thread to post this in, so figured it best to be safe and post it with the blogs. For those fans here who haven't yet had a chance to read much of David's work may be interested in the Ultimate David Estes Giveaway I currently have running on my blog (thanks again David!). There are 5 different prize packages with the grand prize being every book that David has written so far. http://www.agoddessofliterature.com/2...

message 42: by Tina (new)

Tina (frogluv3r) | 458 comments Thanks Laurie!!

message 43: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Judice (stephaniejudice) Here's my latest post on the muse, which includes a quote from David Estes. Thanks, David! :)

Jennifer (random jendsmit) (jendsmit) Jennifer wrote: "as of right now, I only have one blog. I'm a Diva ;)


I started my very own personal blog!!! come check it out and let me know what you think - if you have suggestions please let me know!! =)


message 45: by April (new)

April (aprilnu2003) | 10 comments I just started blogging last month. I'm still tweaking my page. Here's my link.

Hope to see you all over on my blog!!

message 46: by Nickle (new)

Nickle Love (nicklelove) | 13 comments Pretty much followed everyone who has GFC or NetworkedBlogs. :)

Here's mine:

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