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Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #1; Demonica, #6)
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Leah | 851 comments We plan to read Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione starting Wednesday, June 6th. Everyone is welcome to join! :)

Eternal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #1) by Larissa Ione

Christine | 850 comments I might, maybe, join you. I think I've got the first one floating around on the shelves at home.

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Awesome Christine, hope you can join!

Christine | 850 comments I keep telling myself that I'm not starting any new series until I catch up on some old ones, but these buddy reads are so hard to resist....

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments I know what you mean! I keep saying the same thing. I can't help it haha

Leah | 851 comments Excited to start this one tomorrow! I am in the mood for a good romance :-)

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Yay! Me too! :D

Have you read Ione's Demonica series? I've read the first one but I own all of them.

Christine | 850 comments I'm still reading Tangle of Need and this is not a book I can put down in the middle and pick up later. But I should be able to finish it tonight. So, I won't be starting Eternal Rider until tomorrow.

I did read her Demonica series, and for me the subsequent books in the series were better than the first. But isn't that usually the way? I think the characters from this series were kind of introduced at the end of that series. Now if I could only remember what happened at the end of that series....
Fortunately, from what I hear this series stands on it's own so you don't have to have read the Demonica series first.

I'm looking forward to finally trying this series.

Leah | 851 comments I've read all but the last book in that series. I liked them, but like lots of other series, I did find they got a bit less interesting each book in. But still good books!

I heard they introduce the horsemen from the Rider series in the last book, which (of course) is the one I haven't read yet. So I'm going into this book just as unaware as you!!

message 10: by Leah (new) - rated it 4 stars

Leah | 851 comments Hah Christine funny that we thought a little bit opposite about the Demonically series. I read them a while ao though so they are fuzzy for me now.

Too many
Series to keep track of and remember!

Christine | 850 comments If I remember correctly, the third in the series was my favorite. Wrath or was it Wraith?
I think there was too much new info thrown at me right at the beginning of the first book, especially with all the different types of demons. And it was a little weird for me (view spoiler)

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments About the first book, with E and Tonya? or something like that, I completely agree with you Christine. Completely awkward moments! Since I've only read the first one I don't know much about it. I did hear about the Riders being introduced but I don't know if it matters or if it will be a big deal in this book. Probably not. IDK.

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Leah | 851 comments Christine wrote: "If I remember correctly, the third in the series was my favorite. Wrath or was it Wraith?
I think there was too much new info thrown at me right at the beginning of the first book, especially with..."

Hahah I do remember the zoo scene being weird!!

Christine | 850 comments I think it was right at the very end of the last Demonica book. There was something about a coin and a portent of the end of the world and then the Horsemen of the Apocalypse showed up. I think one of them said something and then they rode off. It was all of two or three pages. I don't recall anything significant that we'd need to know to read this book. Just introducing the concept and setting up the spin-off series. I may dig out that last book and check out that scene to refresh my memory.

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Oh okay, then I'm not worried about it

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments So I'm only a little ways into the book (not even to the first chapter yet). I usually snoop reviews just to see what people say and see if I agree with them or not. A reviewer suggested that the reason she didn't like the book in general was because it was set in the demon world. I find that I enjoy the demon world. I like that when I read the book I escape to some where else.

Anyways, so far I like the information that Ione has provided as background. I don't have a lot of experience with Armageddon theory, or origins of the 4 horsemen. I only knew their names and that they appear in Revelations in the Bible (which might be where they are located, not positive on that). I noticed that there are more than 4 books in the series so the way I see it is each character will have their own book and then the final showdown will take place in a book featuring all the characters. That's just my prediction, no idea if that's what it will be like.

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments I'm at the beginning of Ch. 4. I am surprised (view spoiler). We know who the main characters are now, and basically the good guys/bad guys, hero and heroine. There was only a little bit of awkwardness (at least in my opinion). I'm definitely interested in seeing how this all plays out.

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Leah | 851 comments I am a little further along than you Sarah. I too was surprised (view spoiler)

I like the hero and heroine up to this point. I've only just met Cara, but so far I actually really like her. She is managing to pull off 'sweet n innocent' without falling into the TSTL damsel in distress routine.

My favorite character so far - (view spoiler)

Christine | 850 comments I'll be starting this one tonight. I can't wait to join in the discussion.

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Yay, Christine! So excited for you to join us! :)

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments I'm at the beginning of Ch. 8 now. I'm glad there haven't been any more slightly awkward moments.

I, too, like Cara so far. She really seems clueless without being stupid, and she seems genuine.

Now that we are a bit further (view spoiler).

I really like (view spoiler) too!

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments So I've read from Ch. 8 until the end, because I couldn't put it down.

Cara is probably one of my most favorite PNR heroines. She was tough without being too kick-ass, and she was smart. Yet, she had a soft side and was able to "tame" her hero. As much as was possible, especially when dealing with someone like Ares.

Ares surprised me, I thought he was going to be mostly in "General/Commander" mode. It was nice to see him open up to Cara about himself. Plus, he was so sexy.

I liked the hints about the other characters Limos and her connection to (view spoiler), and Thananos and his problems.

Even though I haven't read the other books in the Demonica series I recognized their names in this book. I liked that Ione had them appear in this book and have a small role.

I'll wait to talk about details until it is okay to talk about them :)

Hope you're both enjoying the book as much as I did.

BTW, (This is after Ch. 23, not sure on the specific chapter) (view spoiler)

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Christine | 850 comments Well, I'm a bit behind you, Sarah. I've made it to page 50. (I would have gotten further, but my middle son had his karate exam for his yellow belt last night and I had to take him to that. And actually pay attention like a good mom.) Ares has just met Cara. It's been about two years since I read the Demonica series, but I feel like I'm already enjoying this first book more than I did the first book in that series. I like that she manages to work in some humor, and this one just seems funnier than I remember that one being.

Can I say that I LOVE that his tattoo turns into a real horse! How awesome would that be? Just imagine you get to work (or the mall at Christmas time) and just say "to me" and your car becomes a tattoo on your arm and there's no need to find a parking space! Brilliant!
Of all the mystical, supernatural powers I've read about, this may be the one of which I am the most jealous.

In the first chapter she does refer to events from the last book in the Demonica series. That one was about Sin and the Warg (werewolf) plague. It was at the very end of that book that Ares showed up, very briefly, and the Aegis found out about the first seal breaking. But she lays everything out so well that you didn't have to read that book to understand this one.

I have to say, I'm already intrigued by these brothers (and a sister) and whether or not they can save their brother Reseph.

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Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Well Christine, I did have a head start and I don't have any responsibilities so all I have to do is read. haha

It makes me want to read the Demonica series, maybe I'll finish that up next month.

BTW love the idea of the car tattoo or some way for the car to mysteriously/mystically made small and concealable. Parking on campus would be so easy!! Without the need to be there four hours before class!

I didn't feel like I was missing anything while reading so that was good. I didn't think I needed to be explained too much detail about the other books. But I did find some new characters that were obviously from Demonica in this book, and I had no idea who they were but it didn't really matter too much.

Oh Reseph! He is so evil as Pestilence! I don't know how I feel about him exactly because I don't feel like we're getting his full character. We get small glimpses of what he was before the seal breaks, but a whole lot of him after. He isn't someone you wanna hang out with, or be attracted to. I am interested to see how Ione plays out his story, if he gets his own.

Christine | 850 comments Made it to page 86 over lunch.

Interesting that the hellhound bonded with her. And how funny is Halitosis for his name? And I like Reaver and Harvester. Well, I like Reaver. Harvester is just interesting.

In the short scene where Reseph/Pestilence is in the small Mexican village and Harvester confronts him (view spoiler)

Christine | 850 comments I just read the part where Ares has taken Cara to his home in Greece and given her Orc-water. I love Vulgrim with the one-liners.

And as a Mountain Dew addict myself, I love Thanatos!

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Oh, I love Hal's name! I'm not sure if I like either Watcher, they seem to just cause more trouble than actual help.

Reseph does eventually get his own book (I think it comes out later this year or next year) so there has to be a way for him to get redeemed, I'm just not sure there is a woman up for the task.

Vulgrim is very entertaining!

I'm really interested in reading Thanatos's story because his seal can only be broken by losing his virginity.

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Leah | 851 comments I'm at page 290, so far so good :) I'm really getting invested in Ares and Cara's relationship. I like Cara a lot considering she is a pnr heroine! Usually this is my biggest issue with these types of stories, so I'm really happy with this one.

It will be difficult for me to read a book starring Pestilence - (view spoiler)

The plot is moving along now after a little slump. I'm glad that (view spoiler).

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Leah | 851 comments Sarah wrote: "Oh, I love Hal's name! I'm not sure if I like either Watcher, they seem to just cause more trouble than actual ..."

I like Reaver! I'd be interested in knowing more about him. I especially like Limos' reaction to him (hugs) and the resulting eye roll. I think it old be interesting to read something set in the Demonica world, but from an Angelic viewpoint.

message 30: by Sarah (last edited Jun 09, 2012 01:36PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments They (view spoiler)

I agree with you about Reseph getting his own book. But as far as I know from the first book, I don't know if the Horsemen know how to change Pestilence back to Reseph.

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Leah | 851 comments Good point about Hal dying. I don't want him to be hurt so I'd be happier if he just remained by Cara's side! :)

Where I'm at in the book, (view spoiler)

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Christine | 850 comments I've got about 50 or so pages left. I'm really enjoying this book. If the other books are as good as this one, I think I'll end up liking this series better than the other one.

Good point about their lack of strategy. It seems their only strategy so far has been to find Deliverance since it's the only weapon that can be used against them. And to find Ares and Li's agimortuses (agimorti?) to protect. Why haven't they made any effort to capture and contain Pestilence? You'd think that would be the first thing to do. Then he couldn't go around wreaking havoc that they are then drawn to against their wills. And if he's safely contained, they could take their time trying to find out if there is a way to fix his seal or reclaim him as their brother. But then, given their strength and power, can they be contained?

I can see them up to now not even thinking of the possibility of using hellhounds against him, given their own visceral hatred of them. But, since the Aegis was able to make a weapon using hellhound saliva to capture Li, why doesn’t it occur to them to do the same in an effort to capture Pest?

I what to know what the deal is with Li and Reaver, too. I don’t think he’s her mate, but why does she react that way to him? Why does he tolerate it?

I really like that the brothers led human lives for 28 years before finding out the truth of who they are. I think it makes a difference in the characters. And I like that we get to see them struggle with who and what they are. They know they are destined to be evil if their seals are broken. They have nasty curses they carry that make them do and enjoy things they otherwise might not. And yet, rather than just give in to that and allow themselves to, in a way, prematurely become evil, they try to fight it. They don’t like what they are in those moments and won’t succumb to it. They want to avoid becoming evil rather than racing to embrace it. It’s interesting to read about how they try to balance their basic “human” natures with the immortal curses they carry.

A lot of it is pretty predictable, like (view spoiler) , but I’m still really enjoying it.

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments I'm surprised I enjoyed this book as much as I did. I don't think I enjoyed the first book in the Demonica series as much as this one.

They have been searching for Li's agimortus for awhile, but Li has been hinting that she has a secret and I can't remember right now, but someone else knows it (I think it might be Pestilence that knows) I also think it also has something to do with her deal with Satan. She is his betrothed, so we'll see what happens with that. It has something to do with Deliverance. Also Than already has his agimortus. It is his virginity. As long as he stays a virgin he won't succumb to being evil, which is interesting because this is a romance series, there is obviously going to be sex. I really want to read his book.

Li's is the next one, and then Than's book.

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Would both of you or either of you be interested in reading the next one as a another buddy read?

It is

Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #2) by Larissa Ione

Christine | 850 comments Sarah wrote: "Would both of you or either of you be interested in reading the next one as a another buddy read?

It is

Immortal Rider (Lords of Deliverance, #2) by Larissa Ione"

I would, but it would probably be the end of the month or next month until I could get to it.

message 36: by Sarah (last edited Jun 09, 2012 02:07PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Ok that sounds good to me! :D

The beginning of July is probably the best time for me too.

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Leah | 851 comments I'm in too for the next book in July! Just a quick post to let you both know I finished this one and was fairly happy with the ending, but it definitely makes you want to read the next one soon!

I like Li so hopefully her book lives up to my expectations. Also, Arik (the hero) seems like kind of an ass, so I hope the author can make him more likable. Or is it just me that got that impression from the first book?

Christine | 850 comments I think I've finally lost it. Literally. Finally getting to bed to read the last forty pages....and I can't find the book! I thought I knew where I left it, but apparently not. Maybe this is a sign that I need to just go to sleep....

Christine | 850 comments After twenty minutes of searching, I finally found my book. On top of the refrigerator of all places. I finished and really enjoyed it.

At the end I liked (view spoiler)

I'm looking forward to continuing the series. I did look ahead and the fourth book, out later thus year, is Reseph's. But I think I'm most interested in Than's right now

Christine | 850 comments And, yeah Arik seems like a jerk. But he is originally from an intense secret Army unit committed to fighting demons that has only recently come to understand that not all demons are bad. So it's a real philosophy change for him. But that comes from the other series where he was an occasional side character. You didn't really get much background on him in this one. I can't wait to see the sparks fly between him and Li!

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments I'm glad you both enjoyed it! I'm really looking forward to continuing the series! Just to be organized (I'm a freak with lists haha), how does July 2nd sound to start Immortal Rider? I'll set up a thread once we come up with a date. I'll have to check the book out from the library so I'll have to make sure I can get it by whatever date is decided.

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Leah | 851 comments July 2 sounds good to me! And don't worry, I'm the same way because of library books.... You have to plan!!

Christine | 850 comments July 2 works for me. I'm doing the Unholy Ghost buddy read around the same time, so I'm glad we're pinning this one down so I can schedule around it.

Sarah Dizon (sarahd828) | 1088 comments Here is the thread

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