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bruce davidson personally i loved the steve jobs bio. are his other bios as good? he also did ben franklin and albert einstein.

Yipeng What did you love about it? =]

Abhishek Dafria Not read the other books. But the way he has written this one, I am sure the others would be a good read too. Only difference is he never got to meet the subject / people who really knew them for the other bios, as was the case with this one.

Withers The Franklin and Einstein books are both very good.

Like Jobs, both Franklin and Einstein were incredibly talented men that impacted multiple parts of society. Isaacson does a great job of describing their lives.

Also, like the Jobs book, Isaacson paints an accurate portrait, including the good and the bad. With Franklin, his relationship with his family was poor, with Einstien, his later-age insistence on finding the 'unified theory' cost years of a brilliant mind.

bruce davidson Yipeng wrote: "What did you love about it? =]"

a lot of things. i could relate to it. jobs was a difficult man to work for but he got the job done.

Jun Song Einstein is worth reading. I must admit, there is a whole section on quantum physics that I had a hard time swallowing. Isaacson does a great job infusing Einstein’s unpredictable personal life with his great scientific accomplishments so that an average Joe can enjoy the book.

Buflea I’m reading Einstein biography right now …unfortunately I’m a little disappointed. Maybe is because I’m coming after Jobs, a book that really impressed me and I’m to hooked up in the 21st century reality … all I can say is that Einstein after Jobs seems a little slow and boring … but I keep reading it.

Nicolás I red the Einstein biography and I liked it as the Jobs one. Perhaps it doesn't likes so much because it has some parts of physics; if you like physics I really recommend it. If not, it's a good book but some parts can get boring.

Daniel Ngo On the way to find the other Isasson's books as I've just finished the newest one. I like the way that he wrote biography. So fairly and truely. He has showed us the balance of advantaged & disadvantaged also.

Abdul Wahid Khan Yipeng wrote: "What did you love about it? =]"

The way Walter writes and describes things in a flow - shows how experienced he is and I love the way he takes the reader through a life journey.

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K. Read Einstein after Steve Jobs, truly loved both. No matter whether you are into physics or not, Einstein will be a good read because it touches something universal about humanity... you see a genius as a man with his flaws, struggles and escapes... the writing itself is good too.

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Pratik For this iGenius . . .

"Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world ,
are the once who do . . ."

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Isaacson's writing style is easy to follow. I enjoy very much how he captures details, relationships, the ups and downs of life. Steve Jobs was quite an enjoyable read. I look forward to reading more books by Isaacson.

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