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How to read Curran POVs?
Estelle (E) Estelle (E) May 30, 2012 02:33AM
Hello All,

I just started the Kate Daniels' series and finished the first book this morning.

Please could you let me know how I should read the Curran POVs? Is it better to read the whole series and then the POVs or is it better to read Curran POV 1 after Magic Bites, and then Curran POV 2 after Magic Burns..and so on.

Thank you!

actually if you open the Curran POV book 1 you see in the table of contents which book is every short story from so you either wait until you finished the whole series and than read it or just read the parts from the books you already read (you actually dont mis much if you dont read Curran POV but the scenes are really funny)

Estelle (E) Thank you!
I finished book 1 and feel I don't know much about Curran at all..will try that ;-)
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Morgana_lefay you get to know him a bit more with every book :)
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I read them first after I had read all of the series which was great. But when you reread the series it's quite fun to switch off between the books to get his take after you just read Kate's side.

Personally, I waited till the very end of the series for better reflection, you don't want Curran's POV to unintentionally influence your interpretation of his actions throughout the rest of the series because you have an understanding of his mindset.

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You should read the Curran POVs after you read the books. That way, you get some idea of Curran's characters, that will make you appreciate the short scenes even more.

Yes, definitely wait until you've read the books that the scene is in. The scenes are written assuming that you've already read the book (and remember what's going on.) There isn't a lot of lead in, it's basically like the scene was actually in the book, and they flashed over to see what Curran was thinking.

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