Urban Fantasy, sans the Bullshit discussion

"Hello...?" he called out into the night, half afraid of a response.

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message 1: by Summer (new)

Summer (refinedandroid) | 1 comments I'm here! I don't know if anyone else is, though. I'm Summer, librarian, from the US. Big big fan of Neil Gaiman and similar writers. Any suggestions?

Oh, and do you have anything published yet? I would be delighted to read it.

message 2: by Luis (new)

Luis Fuentes | 1 comments Hi, I'm Luis and I've been looking for you guys for a long time. I'm a big fan of urban fantasy in the vein of, butcher, green and griffin. I also read a lot of sci-fi, and traditional fantasy.

message 3: by Cristindadant (new)

Cristindadant | 2 comments I love all of Neil Gaiman's work and I came to his books through his Graphic Novel series " The Sandman" . AMAZING! If you haven't read it, definitely do yourself a favor and don't listen to people chuckle about reading comic books .

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