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The territory of Canyonpack.
Coyotes roam the steep ranges of the broad canyon. Only the most surefooted of beasts can keep from plummeting from these lethal miles of red rock surface.

The ranks:
Alpha Male: Cronos
Alpha Female: Macey
Beta Male:
Beta Female:
Subordinates: Jaron, Mysti

The alpha male and alpha female are the mated pair who lead the pack, and generally the only coyotes to have pups. The beta male and beta female are second-in-command, helping the alphas lead and will likely replace the alphas if they die. Subordinates are the other hunters in the pack. Elders are those who are too old to hunt, who are usually over six winters old. Pups are those who are too young to hunt, who are under one winter. Juveniles are those caught between in the ages, too old to be a pup, yet not old enough, or with not enough status, to hunt and find a true rank within the pack.

To create a character, fill out this format.

Mate: optional
Parents: optional
Siblings: optional
Offspring: optional
Other: optional

The four main elements that keep the world bound are the base of everything, the creators of all other elements. Fire, Water, Air, and Earth are the ruling elements now entrusted into the canines of this world.
However, not only the main four roam the packs, but their offspring elements do as well.


Mixed offspring may occur when two elements mate.

Fire+Earth= Lava sometimes

Water+Air= Ice sometimes

Air+Light= Lightning sometimes

Air+Dark= Plasma sometimes

Water+Earth= Plants sometimes

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Chelsea Denisse (chelseadenisse) Name: Macey
Element: Water
Rank: Alpha
Gender: Female
Age: 2 winters
Mate: Cronos, if that's alright with you Jacob
Parents: Dead
Siblings: None
Offspring: None
Appearance: Hazel coat with bright green eyes
Personality: TBRP
Other: None

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 281 comments Mod
Name: Cronos
Element: Time
Rank: Alpha
Gender: male
Age: 3 winters
Mate: open
Parents: dead
Siblings: dead
Offspring: 1 son
Personality: tbrped
Other: one of the only etremly rare Black coyotes almost as rare as Albinos

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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 281 comments Mod
Name: Jaron
Element: Sound
Rank: subordinate
Gender: male
Age: 1winter
Mate: open
Parents: Cronus
Siblings: none
Offspring: none
Personality: tbrped
Other: optional

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Name: Mysti
Element: Spirit
Rank: Subordinate
Gender: Female
Age: 6 winters
Mate: None
Parents: None
Siblings: None
Offspring: Expecting
Appearance: Fawn, almost white coat. Hazy eyes covering the mystery hidden within her.
Personality: TBRP
Other: Her first memories were in a hazy oasis of age-old oaks, with no coyotes to be seen. Giant, white, herbivorous beasts were the most familiar creature to her, and she thinks she can recall nursing of them. She has made her way up in the status of coyote since she discovered the steppes, and through her years has lost her sight. Though strange, and often avoided, she had become a highly revered healer and was put in the rank of Elder, being respected and protected though she was too blind to hunt. When a young coyote took interest in her and blessed her with pregnancy, she was put back in the rank of subordinate. Her mate has died since then and she has found Canyonpack.

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