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message 1: by Tiffany (last edited Feb 25, 2009 02:08AM) (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
Alright guys. This months book has been picked by Eric and it's "Snow Crash" by Neal Stephenson. It's up to everyone to get their own copy. Sorry :( But this is going to be so amazing, I swear. Or at least I hope so.

Pretty much the plan is this: read the book. Excellent, right? And then feel free to discuss it as we go along. You can read at your own pace, just have it done by the end of the month. I find it will be easier to discuss it if we can do it online, because I know we're all busy.

Everyone who joins will get a chance to pick a book. Anything you want. Happy readings.

message 2: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
I really want some pizza right now. I bet it taste better when it's made by the mafia and delivered by someone named the Deliverator

message 3: by Erich (new)

Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann (erichfranzlinnerguzmann) | 81 comments So who out there has a copy of this book? It would be great if everyone updated the page they are on in the books, therefor we can discuss what we have read and not spoil anything for anyone. I am way excited to read this, I haven't read a book in this genre before! Do we dare venture into "cyberpunk"?

message 4: by Becca (new)

Becca | 160 comments So Erich poses a good question, how are we supposed to discuss the book with out spoiling it for others? I still don't have the book, but I am working on it.

message 5: by Becca (new)

Becca | 160 comments I guess we could make a new topic every 50-100 pages, and just don't read that part of the discusion board until you get that far?????

message 6: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 194 comments Mod
That sounds like a good idea. We'll add a new topic and just make sure that you put the page number in the topic, so people know not to look at it if they haven't made it that far. Or if they don't care to have it ruined for them.

message 7: by Erich (new)

Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann (erichfranzlinnerguzmann) | 81 comments Yeah, I think that is a great idea Becca! We should start a new topic every 50 pages.

message 8: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 49 comments yeah, or at a certain chapter, e.g chapter 1-4 depending on how long each chapter is --> if it's every 50 pages and on page 51 someone dies you can't talk about it in that discussion lol

message 9: by Dave (new)

Dave Geurts (davegeurts) | 33 comments radical I'm excited, anybody know how much this one runs and B&N ?

message 10: by Erich (new)

Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann (erichfranzlinnerguzmann) | 81 comments I think mine was $15.00 at the B&N at the Gateway Mall. They had 1 left and the Bntfl store doesn't have it.

message 11: by Summer (new)

Summer | 6 comments I like the chapter idea. I am still working on getting a copy and I have to admit I have never ventured into cyberpunk before it should be fun.

message 12: by Nicolle (new)

Nicolle | 49 comments Should be great, have ordered my copy :P

message 13: by Erich (new)

Erich Franz Linner-Guzmann (erichfranzlinnerguzmann) | 81 comments I'm glad you ordered a copy Nicolle! I also like your idea on starting the new topics at the end of certain chapters. I realized that some of us are going to have different editions of the book and therefor the pages will not match up.

So on what chapters should we start the new topics on everyone? I will go over the book tonight so I can give an input also.

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