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Is the era of the sports hero dead?

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message 1: by Nana (new) - added it

Nana Malone I've been curious about this. When I wrote this story, there weren't very many sports heroes rolling around besides Nascar I guess. Do you think readers still want a sports hero?

message 2: by EJ (new) - rated it 3 stars

EJ MACK Of course! Do it!

message 3: by Lady AleK (last edited Apr 22, 2013 07:06PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lady AleK I think people want a hero but real people countinue to let us down.Unlike Jason who said he made a mistake and made it clear he was wrong the rest like Kobe or Tiger or Mike Jordan act like we forgot their past. Even Barley wanted us to know he is not a role model. We need men who will admit they were wrong and believe me it will bring back the sports heroes. By the way Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock is mine!

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