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Name: Xavier
Gender: Male
Age: Around 4
Rank: Alpha
Pack: Moonlight Pack
Appearance: His fur is rough and as black as ebony. Xavier's physique is quite slender yet muscular, being known for being a good swimmer. Also, he's quite large in size from the average wolf.His eyes are strangely blue and glow luminously at night. He has a sca
r across his left eye and over his snout.
Personality: He's very mysterious and quiet, that's what makes him somewhat antisocial.
However, he's very brave and very wise and will communicate to give orders are remind
wolves of their place. From how sturdy his outer shell may be, he will sometimes give in
to playing with cubs. A true guardian, he will risk his own life for the pack.

History: He was born from a different pack, and his mother was killed by
hunters when Xavier was just a cub. His father had grown ill, but they managed to arrive
at this one. Since then, Xavier had grown up in this pack and treats it as if he were born
Kin: None that he knows of.
Crush: Not likely
Mate: No
Other: Wolves believe that Xavier may have mystical aura, from seeing how nature mostly goes his way.

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As in like, they're suspicious of how everything goes his way.
Like if there's a storm coming at night and let's just say Xavier wishes that the storm doesn't cause severe damage,and in the next morning, the wolves see that Xavier's wish actually came true. Like that sort of mystical-ness, I'm not trying to border onto magic. Like pure coincidence.

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I edited it to make it sound better.

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I'll try not to. Thanks :)

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Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) Name: Flade
Gender: Female
Age: 3
Rank: Alpha female
Pack: Moonlight

With eyes like fresh tree sap, Flade sports a beautiful first impression. Ontop of her dual-colored coat, she crowns two almost perfectly shaped ears with lining of white fur. On te bottom half of her body, her fur is a beautiful white, then slowly rises to a rough coating of a more smoky color.

Personality: Flade is often described as a breath of fresh air from her fellow pack members. She's very loving, and gentle towards her friends and inner circle. However, she isn't afraid to tell members and other wolves when they're are out of place or being unkind. She also knows everyone like the top of her snout, and uses this to her advantage in persuasion and calming them down. Flade is very powerful in her own way because she doesn't use brute strength, but persuasion and emotion to get through to the other wolves.

History: Flade was a very normal pup who loved to play with everyone else. However, her mother and father died of starvation because of thier sacrifice for the rest of the pack. This left her to fend for herself. For a long time, she just dissappered, bringing back kill, and then dissappearing again. Then, one day she was out hunting, she wa sos sick and tired of being lonely and sad and angry ALL THE TIME, so she returned to the pack, socialized and made some friends.

Kin: None sadly

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Brianna Cox | 2 comments NAME: Heart Song (but most call me heart)
AGE:1 Month
Rank: pup
Pack: Silverlight pack

i have white fur with a rare substance making it easier to clean.eyes are blue and have a shine when is day light and always shows the moon's reflection.ears are perfectly pointed and grey and white speckled.

Personality:Is very playful and some what shy (but that's just being a puppy). loves to hide for fun and see if i can worry adults but will always come out of hiding.

History: is too young to remember

kin:none known
crush:to young
mate: none

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