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message 1: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 68 comments Hey guys, I wanted to delve a bit deeper into the discussion going on in the Kushiel's Dart thread... And maybe do a bit of compare/contrast with BJT as well.. So spoiler alert for both these books!!

Do we think the male lead/characters in the books are alphas?

How do you define Alpha and do they have to be domineering?

Also, obligatory squee! I can't believe I get to talk about these 2 series, so cool!!

message 2: by Coral (new)

Coral (coralm) | 58 comments I think Kushiel's Dart does have alpha characters, but I don't think Joscelin or Hyacinthe qualify.

Alpha for me is mostly about confidence and presence, not so much on the domineering. The best alpha characters, Melisande for example, accomplish their goals through more than just physical dominance. There are a few times in the first Kushiel trilogy where Phèdre describes what it's like to be in Melisande's presence and it transcends the physical. She's not a bully, but she does get what she wants "somehow" which makes her all the more interesting.

message 3: by AnnaBanana (new)

AnnaBanana Pascone (snapdragnful) | 89 comments I don't think an Alpha has to be domineering, you can get what you want without being a douche or super manipulative. I do think that how one perceives the male lead might tie into how the female lead is characterized.

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