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ƒσαℓєη | 19 comments Mod
Name: Eclipse
Gender: Female
Age: 2
Rank: Hunter
Pack: Silverlight Pack

Appearance: Silvery white coat with one grey eye and the other is metallic blue, there are different rumors to why that is. She is actually petite in size, however that misleads to thinking that she is feeble. She has several scars, which fur is growing over. A beautiful weapon, she is built to kill.
Personality: Almost like a demigod of Artemis. She despises most males, will hunt only with females. If there aren't any around, then she'll hunt alone. Relentless and ruthless, she makes an excellent bodyguard for anyone who needs her in the pack, even if it's to protect males.
History: Both of her parents were shot in front of her eyes. She swore to take vengeance. She has trained herself to peak strength. She had run into the pack, ready to kill them all, until she had bonded with the alphas.
Kin: None
Crush: There might not even be a male she will accept as worthy for her.
Mate: Nope

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ƒσαℓєη | 19 comments Mod
Yay :)

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Ella (ellarosewood) | 6 comments Name: Ash
Gender: male
Age: 2
Rank: hunter
Pack: Silverlight

Ash's coat is mostly white, but in some places it seems to be dusted with ash. His eyes are a brilliant blue. He is rather big in size.
Personality: Ash is incredibly calm and easy going. Even though he is big, he is more like a pup around camp, but when he is hunting, he is fierce. His dream is to one day be Alpha.
History: Ash was born in an outside pack to the Alpha female. While the pack was moving, he was lost in a storm. One of the older wolves found him and brought him into the pack. He was fairly young, so he doesn't remember his old pack.

Crush: OPEN
Mate: OPEN

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Name: Blue

Gender: Female

Age: 4

Rank: Delta Female

Pack: Silverlight

Blue was named after her Blue eyes. They are a bright electrifying blue and she has a nice dark pelt. The pelt in the summer turns more into a dark chocolate brown and in winter it turns so black that the pelt looks like it has a tint of blue.

Personality: Smart, fun, somewhat of a trouble maker, adventurous, easy going, kind, caring, protective, and clever, Blue is always into some kind of adventure or activity. She is very active, always moving around and a lot of the times getting into some kind of trouble. She's friends with everyone and is very social. Blue can be stubborn and serious though when needed and i something happens she can detach her self from her feelings and think straight.

History: Blue's family was shot and killed by a farmer who had gotten angry claiming they were stealing his livestock. One night he went out by himself and killed most of her whole family. Later that year he found out it was coyotes who had been stealing his livestock and he was fined for killing an endangered species. She ran away and was a loner for a little bit of the time before he got wounded in a snare. Luckily she was able to escape without loosing her leg. By that time she was in Silverlight territory an it wasn't long before they had found her. Giving her a home she became one of the hunters but it never really fit her personality. Now Blue is the Delta Female and has found another place she can call home.

Kin: All dead, doesn't remember

Crush: None

Mate: None


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Lauren (Flame) wrote: "I suggest you save it in a word document, because you haven't even filled anything out."

I finished it! Am I accepted? O.O

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Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) Name: June

Gender: Female

Age: 5

Rank: Beta Female

Pack: Silverlight


[image error]

June is a wiry, built female wolf. A free spirit, June is good for scouting and tracking. Her hazel eyes darken in the heat of battle, and her claws are kept nice and sharp. Her white undercoat helps her blend in with the background near snowfall, and her snout is also becoming white as well.

Personality: June is quite fierce. As you can clearly see in the second photo, June is a vicious fighter when it comes to protecting her kin (mentioned below). She is also experienced and wise, which is why she was chosen to be the beta of the pack. Normally, if not threatened, June is very loving of everyone, and makes sure the pack comes before herself.

History: June was abandoned as a 3-month old pup, and struggled to survive. She was found in the forest on the brink of death by a mother taking her pups out for a walk. Then, she met Red (his name came from his fierceness in battle, and also his red-tinted fur) and they just recently had a litter of 3 pups. Sparrow (female), Thorn (male), and Talon (male).

Kin: Mentioned above ^

Crush: Red

Mate: Red (someone can RP him or I'll have to kill him off soon)

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) WHAAAAAAAAAATTTT????? I'm keeping the pics, then. But I'll just rename her *sigh*


Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) Better???¿¿¿

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Name: Tripp
Gender: Male
Age: Roughly two years old
Rank: Omega
Pack: Silverlight

Tripp is a young and active wolf, and always has a bounce in his light gallop. His coat is a soft tan, and in the sunlight it comes off as a light orange. He has deep chocolate-brown eyes, almost always lit up with warmth. Tripp has long and lanky legs, allowing him to run at a fairly fast pace, if only he wasn't so clumsy.
Tripp has his fair share of wounds, he always has a few freshly bleeding nicks on his muzzle from fighting over food, being an omega.

Personality: Tripp is a very friendly wolf when it comes to his pack-mates, but can be very fierce in battle. Tripp seems to lack the physical attributes his family had, but he got an overdose of brains. He can't overpower other wolves, but he can easily outwit them in battle, causing their downfall.
Being an omega, his main job is to keep peace among his brother's and sister's of the pack, so he'd rather be comical than serious. During dark times he knows when he can be funny, but he carries great words of wisdom for the sad eras.
Tripp loves the pups of the pack, and spends a lot of time just playing with them. He can normally tell what rank a pup will end up with after studying their personalities, and he hangs out with the one most like himself. He's debated having pups of his own, but most of the time the idea just slips away, as he gets caught up in pack duties.
Overall, this omega is a happy-go-lucky wolf, who just likes to please.

History: Tripp was born into the pack, but not in a quite normal way.
His parents were both omegas, and they both wished to have pups. Back then, it was frowned upon for any wolf besides the alpha to have pups, because of the scarce food that year. They left the pack for winter, and Tripp's mother fell pregnant. After giving birth to a strong litter, she brought her pups back to the pack. She claimed they came from Karmen, a wolf who had left the pack a few months ago. They had found her on the edge of death, suckling pups, and promised they would take them to the pack.
This was far from the truth, though, but everyone believed it. Including the pups themselves.
Tripp's parents fled the pack once they all reached a year old. One of their pack members was onto them, and they couldn't risk it. Tripp grew up to have no super special talents, except making people laugh, so that's what he stuck with. He takes pride in his position, he thinks without it, the pack would fall apart.

Kin: Sasha (Mother; deceased), Griffin (Father; deceased)

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Cloudy Storms (cloudstrife) | 50 comments Name: Dawn-Of-The-White-Rose (Dawn OR Rose)

Gender: She-wolf

Age: 2-3 years

Rank: Hunter.

Pack: Silverlight Pack

Appearance: ROSE
Her eyes are a light-ish red, possibly a color between red and pink. Her fur seems to be dull in the sun, but shines beautifully in the moonlight.

Personality: Dawn/Rose lives on morale. If it does not fit into her code of honor, she automatically dislikes it. Unlike her name, she does not have a warm, and bubbly personality-- Unless she's talking with kits-- instead, she has a way to show her care for wolves. She becomes cold and her heart seems to become rock. Her eyes seem to never let go of that hard gaze that bore into your eyes, a simple cold stare that shows her authority well.

However, when not by the Alpha leaders' side, she is surprisngly playful and helpful. It's so surprising to most of the pack members, it's rumored that she has two seperate personalities. One is given to her mind, the other is to her heart.

History: A kit born from an Omega and a Hunter, it was an akward combonation for a Beta she-wolf. After her birth, her mother dissapeared, along with her father. And rumors kept swirling around Rose, keeping her in the shadiest part of the den.
Even then, she was known as a temporary leader, and some of the kits would play a game where they would act as the camp's wolves and she-wolves. Rose was usually picked as the Omega during the game.
She was quiet being a kit, but as she grown into a Hunter, she became more feirce and in-control, shoving the rumors about her and her family back to the depths of darkness to where they belong.
Promoted to Hunter, she firmly stands below the Alpha leaders, but aside to the rest of the Hunters, and seemingly above the part of the pack that teased and bet on how she wouldn't last long in the pack. Now she proved them wrong.

Kin: Light: Mother of Rose.
Dust: Father of Rose.

Crush: ANYONE?
Mate: Anyone?

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 42 comments Name: Sido
Gender: Female
Age: 2 years old
Rank: Hunter
Pack: Silverlight

Appearance: Sido is a small, thin, red wolf. She has blue eyes and a thick coat. Under her right eye she has a scare, and a few of them on her throat. With being a red wolf, she of course had red fur. But it's more of a rusty red. She had a white blob on her nose (her birth mark) and one white padded paw.

Personality: Sido is a very loyal hunter. She is normally quiet, brooding or observing others. But sometimes she will talk, and it will be at random. She focuses on getting better at hunting more than anything. Since she is another breed of wolf, and is also a red wolf (which are one of the smallest of the wolves), she does not like to cross paths with the higher ranking members of the pack.

History: Sido came from a red wolf pack, they were killed for their pelts by human hunters. She had been hiding when this happened and watched as her pack, her family, were slaughtered. When the hunters left, Sido crawled out from hiding and ran. She would stop sometimes to rest and hunt, then continue to run. At the age of 1, Sido had crossed onto Sliverligh territory and was taken in.

Kin: none
Crush: only male wolves
Mate: no mate

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) Lauren (Flame) wrote: "Accepted, Sarah."

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Reasabellwolf (Reasabell) | 42 comments Name: Barbinose
Gender: Male
Age: 7 years old
Rank: Shaman
Pack: Silverlight

Appearance: Barbinose is a old, big, black wolf. He is blind and has crisscross scares on his paws. His fur is long and shaggy with some silver patches. His fangs are long and stick out from his muzzle.

Personality: Barbinose is a kind old wolf. He loves everyone that is in the pack. He likes to joke around with the pups and tell the other wolves riddles of their future. He is quiet and drawn to himself when he knows something is wrong.

History: When Barbinose was born he was dead. But after a few days of the old shaman's workings, he had started to breath. Since then, he was blind. Only being able to use his nose and ears to guide him.The alpha at that time was disappointed and sent him to survive in the wilds alone. He lived and learned in the wilds, learning the best of times to hunt, to sleep, to move from one area to another. At the age of 4, Barbinose came back to the pack as a big strong wolf. He was taken under the wing of the old shaman. And when the old shaman died, he became the packs new shaman at 6.

Kin: none
Crush: none
Mate: none
Other: because he is a shaman he can't mate with anyone.

Kiwi's Hero is Sydney Davies ❤ (sarahkiwi) Okay, I know I'm not a mod (but I will say it anyway) You could use a lot more info on at least the personality and the history.

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Vanessa Name Attica (AH - tik - uh)

Gender Female

Age 3 years

Rank Hunter

Pack Silverlight


Attica is a dark-furred wolf, with a black coat from the tip of her nose, over her back and down her legs, and finally to her tail. She has lighter grey fur on her belly, chest, face, and paws. Attica is built lean and long, enabling her to run swiftly, or put up a good fight when she has to. Attica has eyes like storm clouds, startling grey in colour.

Personality Attica is a pretty laid-back wolf most of the time. She doesn't like to stir trouble when it's not needed, and keeps a clam and clear head in stressful situations. Attica can hold a mean grudge, though, if you manage to upset her in any way. She's taken a place of authority when going hunting; Attica has proved herself with strategic catches more than enough times.

History As a pup, Attica was in the danger of becoming an Omega. She was quiet, not for shyness but she wasn't exactly dominant, either. What she did exhibit was strength and skill, while play-fighting with other pups, which brought her to the position of Hunter. Since then, Attica has grown to be an exceptional hunter, and one of the fastest of the pack.

Kin Open.

Crush None.

Mate None.

Other --

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I'm not sure if I have the powers to accept these, but since I'm a mod, and both meet the requirements, Attica and Barbinose are accepted.

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