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Animal intelligence?!
Larisa Larisa May 29, 2012 08:48PM
Do you think it's possible that animals are more intelligent then they seem or as we perceive them? Or could it be that they are intelligent they just learn slower then us humans who can process and apply knowledge or information must faster, which gives the advantage in the food chain? If animals where just as smart as humans how would they contribute? How would our lifestyle be different to accommodate, for an example, a giraffe.

Here`s a recent article on io9 asking the question if animal feel guilt...the simplest idea of guilt, its appearing they are not. On the other hand, they are evolving on some other type of intelligence. Let`s look at the ants per example that are creating data network in they own sociaty, way before we invented the internet.

I think the graphic novel brings this question up when the Lion tells the Antelope that she can controll her base instincts to kill. In reality, I don't know if that is true. Most animals are in such a battle for daily survival that intelligence takes a back seat to instinct in most cases. Look how smart domesticated animals become.

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