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Oooh Luciana! Look what I made! :D

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Name: Anne Flora Vane
Nickname: Mad Anne, Annie, Wildflower
Age: 22
Sex: Female

Appearance (Description and picture or just a picture): - - -

Personality: Anne is very cocky and headstrong. She never shows fear and solves problems through violence.

History: Anne never knew her family, being dropped off at a brothel as a baby. The women who lived there took her in and she grew up in said brothel. Being surrounded by the sex and violence corrupted her young mind and made her a very cold hearted person. At 18, she became a whore. One day, the brothel was burned down by a group of churchgoers and she was forced to work the streets. There, she met her friend, Dolly. Dolly owned a tavern and took the young girl in. She has been working there ever since.

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"Anne! Girl, where are you?!" Dolly yelled, looking for the girl she considered a daughter. She was probably working again. "Dammit girl." she started to clean up, getting ready for closing. Anne causally walked out of her room and laughed, "You called?" "Wash the tables off." Dolly said, throwing a rag to Annie. Anne started to wash the pub's table, but got distracted by the fog outside the window. Something about tonight made her shiver. She quickly returned her job, trying to shake the eerie feeling.

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"Ali!" Anne cried and ran over to embrace her courtesan friend. "How's business?" she asked, releasing her from the hug. Anne wished she was with Alissa standing on the corner, waiting for someone to buy her. She always helped Dolly close though and after all, this pub was her home. "I'll be out with you later." she smiled.

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"I know. I'm going to finish up here and then go sell. Would you wait for me?" Anne asked, grabbing the washrag again and scrubbing at the tables. Dolly looked over to Annie and said, "I've got it tonight. Go out and have fun, Wildflower." She looked at Dolly, who was drying a glass, and nodded. "Alright. Shall we?" she patted the knife she kept under her dress. Just in case.

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"Yes. I want to go down to the docks. It seems like it'd be pretty tonight." Anne smiled and straightened her corset. She stared up at the sky. It was remarkable tonight. The moon was out and the stars hung high on the horizon. Anne smiled and flipped her blonde hair, winking at a drunk man who staggered by.

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She could see the docks now and something peaked her curiosity. A group of men were heading their way. They all looked rather disgusting, except for one gentleman who wearing a bright red coat. He must be wealthy. "I've found a customer." Anne smiled and broke away from Alissa, striding toward the pack. She popped her hips a little with every step. "Hello there honey." she smiled playfully. The man turned around and Annie was stunned at how bright green his eyes were. She looked at the other men, who were all grinning at her like she was a piece of meat. Anne didn't want them. She wanted the one with green eyes.

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"Why hello there poppet." the man said in seductive British accent. Anne just smiled and stepped a little closer to him. "Why don't you tell me your name so I can scream it from the rooftops." she placed a hand on his chest and he smirked. Suddenly, the green eyed man grabbed her wrist and Anne tried to pull away. He pulled her closer and whispered in her ear, "Captain Kirkland, my love." "Go on boys! Burn this heap to the ground!" he yelled out and the large group of men charged the town.

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"Is this your friend, whore? Good, my men need some release." he chuckled darkly. Two men grabbed Ali from behind and made her drop the knife. Anne could see the chaos. Buildings were burning. Men and women being slaughtered in the streets. Captain Kirkland pulled Annie to what she assumed was his ship. She hadn't noticed it before. "No! Stop! Please!" she cried out, pulling against him.

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"I said LET GO!" Anne screamed, the rebel inside her emerging. She pulled away and grabbed her dagger from under her corset. The captain looked extremely angry now; beautiful green filled with rage. He grabbed her by the hair and threw her aboard his ship. "Bloody slut. How dare you pull a blade on me!" he snarled and tried to tackle her. In a desperate attempt to save herself, she swung the dagger and missed. Suddenly she felt something cold and painful pressed against her cheek. He was shoving her face into the wooden floorboard.

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"I'll kill you!" Anne growled and tried loosen his grip on her hair. "Feisty aren't ye?" Captain Kirkland laughed. He lifted her up by her hair and she yelped in pain. The captain dragged her over into his quarters, motioning for the men holding Ali to follow. "Tie 'er up." he ordered and threw Annie on his bed, tying her to one of the posts. "You'll stay here until I'm back, loves." he said in a sexy yet threatening voice. The captain then stormed out, slamming the door behind him.

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"You're not alone." Anne snarled and pulled at the ropes that held her to the bed. She saw a small round window next to the bed. Pulling on the ropes until it burned, she look outside. "My god." she whispered as she watched a woman being murdered. Anne saw that familiar red coat and growled. She screamed when he slit the throat of the drunkard she saw earlier. She shook her head. She was Mad Anne Vane! She'd killed people before and wouldn't be afraid to do it again.

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"He's killing everyone. Every building is on fire." Anne said bluntly, barely recognizing her own voice. She hoped Dolly had somehow missed all this, but she doubted it. Anne turned away from the window and saw something silver flash in the corner of her eye. "My dagger!" she breathed. She had dropped it when he threw them in here. "Alissa, do you think you can reach that?" Anne asked impatiently. They only had so much time.

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"I'm gonna kill that fucker." she mumbled and reached for the knife. Come on. Come on. "Got it!" she called out and grabbed the dagger, sawing at the rope. After a few cuts, the rope broke and her hands were free again. She rubbed them and hurried over to Ali. "So how are we gonna get out of her?" she asked her, slicing the rope.

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"I'd say sneak, but this damn dress is in the way." she placed with a piece of it. Then, it hit her. "The window. It's big enough for us to crawl through, but these dresses need to go." she explained, undoing her dress as she spoke. The purple and blue gown hit the floor, revealing a skin tight, cream dress. She sliced the dress above the knee, getting rid of restricting cloth.

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"Okay. You go first." Anne went over to the window and opened it, cold air rushing in. "Hurry. Before he comes back." she said, motioning for the window.

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Anne put the dagger in her shoe and started to pull herself through the window. Something grabbed waist and she screamed in surprise. Annie was ripped back into the room and the window slammed shut. When she finally focused, she saw the captain glaring at her. "Men! Get the other wench!" he yelled out the door and shoved it closed. Anne stood up and grabbed the dagger. "Let me go." she growled.

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Captain Kirkland raised his hands in false surrender and laughed, "You wouldn't hurt a gentleman, would you?" Anne snarled and backed up a bit, trying to keep the distance between them. "The hell I would." she replied; the dagger in her hand shaking. The captain chuckled and moved closer, "How about a deal poppet? Considering the fact, that your home is torched," he smiled and the darkness in his eyes almost scared her, "I'll let you be free to do as you please on my ship instead of being raped by me crew. Under one condition though, you will be mine." Anne backed up into his desk and he inched his way closer.

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(I can't stop laughing XD) Something in Anne's mind clicked. 'If I play his little game, I can find a way to get out of here.' she thought. Anne set down the dagger and rushed over to the captain. "Now, Ali, that is no way to treat a customer." she purred, pulling herself to the pirate's chest. "Are you okay, my sweetheart?" she asked Kirkland and he smiled, wrapping his arms around her possessively. 'Thank God for the whoring business.'

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(Wanna have a threesome with the oh-so-sexy Captain Kirkland? :D) "I thought you'd warm up to me." he replied lustfully. "What about my friend here? I hope you don't plan on throwing her to the dogs." Anne whimpered and gave the best puppy dog eyes she could. Captain Kirkland looked at her and shrugged, "Beilschmidt has been looking for a whore."

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Em (Hannah) (hannahtester96) | 847 comments Mod
(;sorry ladies. Britain is mine.))

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(You may have Britain...But I...Have Captain Kirkland >:D)

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(Yes :3) "He's a friend of mine. Another Captain." he replied, bored with the conversation. Captain Kirkland turned his attention back to Anne, who smiled eagerly. 'Oh god. What have I done?' she thought behind the fake smile. Suddenly, Anne felt the boat lurch and she knew they just left the dock. FUCK.

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(You'll thank you for this!) The captain chuckled at Anne's and Alissa's panicked expressions. "Well, my lovelies, you'll both be sharing my bed with me." he smirked and Anne looked at Alissa. She knew where this was going.

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"I guess you can sleep with the crew then." Captain Kirkland smirked. The mental image Anne got made her flinch and he noticed. "Not you, my love. The wench." he murmured and placed a hand on her cheek. She smiled and hoped Alissa would change her mind.

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"Good." the captain smiled darkly. "Now undress me." Anne backed away, surprised by the comment. "Excuse me?" she looked at him, shocked. "You heard me." he growled and Anne quickly took off his hat, setting on his desk. He shrugged off the red coat and threw in to her. 'Damn. What have I done?'

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(I know that's a word ._. What do you take me for? A pirate? XD) He stripped down to just his pants and fell back on the bed. Anne scrambled to pick up everything and, not knowing where to put everything, set the clothes on the desk. She picked up her dress and went to put it back on, refusing to sleep with him with a under dress that left little to the imagination. "Leave it off." he commanded and Anne sighed. 'Fuck me.'

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(Really? O.o) She set down the gown and drudged her way over to the bed. Anne had slept with plenty of men, but this was the first one she was hating. She climbed under the covers and moved as far away as she could. "Come here." Captain Kirkland purred. 'Fuck that.' Anne scooted onto the edge of the bed and heard him growl. He grabbed her dress and yanked her back. She yelped and tried to get away, but he wrapped his arms around her and held her against him.

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(Yeeeeah...) "You're a courtesan. Aren't you used to such treatment?" the captain asked. His tone was softer than before. "Yes, but I usually get to choose who I fuck." she growled. He laughed and said, "But love, you did choose me." 'Because I didn't know you were a dick.' she thought and sighed. "No I didn't." she mumbled and buried her face into the pillow. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her head. He had grabbed her hair and pulled her back against him. "Don't lie to me." he snarled, kissing her neck.

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"Fine! I thought you were quite attractive and wealthy. I need the money!" she cried out and he loosened his grip. "Good girl." he whispered in her ear. 'I'm going to gut this man in his sleep.' He finally let go and Anne turned over to face him and cuddled up to him. 'He was hot. Might as well make the best of it.' She looked him in the eyes and asked breathlessly, "What's your name?" He looked almost...sad. "Arthur." he replied. 'Arthur. I like that.'

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"That's an odd name for a pirate." Anne giggled. He smiled and laughed too. That was odd as well. "I know." he replied. After a moment of silence, Captain Kirkland spoke. "I'm glad I've finally got a woman to share this bed with. It gets lonely out here." his voice was barely above a whisper. Anne was half asleep so she didn't know if she'd heard him right. She felt pity for the man and cuddled up to his chest.

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Anne fell asleep, snuggling up even closer to Arthur.

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**Sleeping with the sexiest pirate alive!**

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(It does doesn't it? :D) "Fuuuuuuuuuck." Anne mumbled and rolled over, cuddling up to a pillow. 'Wait. Where's Arthur?' She sat up quickly and got lightheaded. "Bad idea." she whined and fell back onto the bed.

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"Where's Arthur?" Anne asked. She got out of bed and grabbed her dress, putting the purple and blue gown back on. She was curious as to where he was, but really didn't wanna leave his quarters. To be honest, Anne was terrified of the crew. Dirty and smelly and eww...

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"I don't know." Anne shrugged. She went back to the window the two had tried to escape through. Looking out, all she saw was water. Water, water, and more water. "Ugh. I feel like I'm gonna throw up." she mumbled and looked away.

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"I am." she groaned. Anne scurried over to Arthur's desk, holding her stomach. A piece of paper caught her eyes. She picked it up and read it. "Oh my Lord! A letter from the Queen herself!" she cried.

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"It says and I quote, 'Sir Britain, I'm glad that you were able to finish your last job. I ask another favor of you. Take out the town of Port Royal (Totally jacked the Pirates of the Caribbean name XD). They have been disobeying me by selling whores and murder is the norm. Destroy it.' She looked up at Ali, confused and pissed.

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( 'I guess we can't blame Captain Kirkland anymore.' Anne thought and set down the letter. "How dare she destroy our town!" she growled, "I'm gonna kill the Queen! Thanks to her I'm stuck on a pirate ship full of dirty men you haven't bathed in weeks!"

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"Sounds great...But we barely have any fighting skills." Anne drummed her fingers on Captain Kirkland's desk. "I have an idea, but I don't know if you're willing to do it." she said.

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"We could become pirates. Stay here with Arthur and work for him. Since we really have nowhere to go we might as well. And he'll bring us to the Queen. He is working for her after all." Anne explained. The Queen deserves everything she's gonna get.

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"Yes. But I don't think saying we're pirates in these dresses are gonna work." Anne smirked and ripped hers off. She cut off the ribbon on the front and stripped the dress of usable clothe.

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"Do you not wear an underdress?" Anne laughed and searched Arthur's drawers for a needle. Surprisingly finding one, she ripped string from her dress and started to sew pieces of it to the underdress.

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Anne had managed to sew herself a bandana and a skirt with the material. She looked at her reflection and admired her work. "I like my pirate outfit." she said aloud and went to look at Ali's

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(Read the first post XD Anne looked through Arthur's stuff and found two black cloaks. She took one and held it up. "What about this?" she asked. It looked big enough.

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(Actually all of them XD)

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(Don't look at the Germany France one O_e)

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"I'm going to find Arthur. I'll be back." she said and headed for the door. She stepped outside and a group of men looked at her with hunger eyes. Anne hurried past them and looked for Captain Kirkland. After wandering for a moment, she saw him steering the ship.

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(It's scarring DX) "Ar--Captain Kirkland?" she called out and he turned. When he looked at her, he smiled and motioned for her to come closer. "Hello poppet. How'd you sleep?" he asked, turning back to watch the ocean. "Good." she replied. "May I ask what you did to that gorgeous gown?" he chuckled and Anne rolled her eyes. "I didn't think it was appropriate so I changed it."

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"I like the change." he purred. Anne didn't look at him. She knew she'd fall into those green eyes again. For some reason, even though he'd destroyed her home and possibly killed her only family member, she liked him. LIKE liked him. Maybe it was just that he was a pirate. Who knew.

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