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Which Tribute Did You Want To Win The Hunger Games?

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District 1 (Luxury items):

District 2 (Never mentioned):

District 3 (Electronics):
Unnamed boy
Unnamed girl

District 4 (Fishing):
Unnamed boy
Unnamed girl

District 5 (Never mentioned):
Unnamed boy

District 6 (Never mentioned):
Unnamed boy
Unnamed girl

District 7 (Lumber):
Unnamed boy
Unnamed girl

District 8 (Textiles):
Unnamed boy
Unnamed girl

District 9 (Never mentioned):
Unnamed boy
Unnamed girl

District 10 (Livestock):
Unnamed boy (he was the one who was crippled)
Unnamed girl

District 11 (Agriculture):

District 12 (Coal):

Mary CATO!!!! I LOVE CATO!!!!

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Whoa, girl.

Sarah I'm a girl but I'M NOT A LESBIAN.
CLOVE, CLOVE, CLOVE. <3 SHE GOT THE SWAGGGGGG. SHE SO PRO WITH THE KNIVES. I've always wanted to learn how to thrown knives...But don't know where, ugh. : ) Yeah, Clove. I don't know why but I love Enobaria too. How they described she killed a tribute by ripping out their throat with her teeth. I don't know why but I totally adore the district 2's girl tributes!

Anika I really like foxface, glimmer, and Rue.... I CAN'T CHOOSE!

Brittany I wanted Katniss or Rue to win, but when they teamed up I was worried. Would one have to kill the other? Would one commit suicide to save the other? I'm not a heartless person, but when Rue died, I was kinda relieved. And the way Suzanne Collins had Rue die was so beautiful and made you fall in love with Katniss even more.

Jennifer Katniss of course, but I also would be happy with Peeta, Rue, Thresh, or Foxface.

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PEETA. Definitly

Martina Katniss; Peeta or Rue!

Danie rue...she had 3 or 4 younger sisters!
but i like katniss and peeta

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Devora Mary wrote: "CATO!!!! I LOVE CATO!!!!"


Aysha RUE!!!!

Lyndee I really wanted Rue to win but then I also really really wanted Foxface to win. She was just soo clever!! D= She would have deserved it. Truly.

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Stéphanie district 2 is where they train the peacekeepers and such.. isn't that made obvious in mockingjay?.. and i wanted katniss to win.

Anika Ya know I am going to change mine... I Really wanted the girl from 6 to win. She was like SO totally awesome! Lol jk.

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