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who is you favorite author and why

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message 1: by Joey:) (new)

Joey:) | 2 comments Mod
i would say veronica roth (she wrote divergent

message 2: by Sarah☺ (last edited May 30, 2012 03:53AM) (new)

 Sarah☺ | 2 comments Chris D'Lacey definitely! (He wrote The Last Dragon Chronicles)

message 3: by Annabel ♥ (new)

Annabel ♥ (cinnamonbliss) I have so many favorite authors! They include (but not limited to):

Libba Bray
Suzanne Collins
Veronica Roth
Jane Austen
Kristin Cashore

message 4: by Miranda (new)

Miranda | 1 comments wendy mass

message 5: by Joey:) (new)

Joey:) | 2 comments Mod
wendy mass is an amazing writer

message 6: by Annabel ♥ (new)

Annabel ♥ (cinnamonbliss) Oh my gosh yes!!!! I forgot all about her!! What have you guys read by her? My favorite is probably Every Soul A Star, or Finally(the second book to 11 Birthdays)

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