City of Lost Souls (The Mortal Instruments, #5) City of Lost Souls question

who is the least interesting character from the whole series?

I think the Maia and Jordon storyline was pointless. I skipped most of it. Aside from them, Aline.

maia and jordan

Ummmmmm, Amatis-From my point of veiw.

Maureen, she just came out of nowhere in CoFA. Also, especially in CoLS. Camille wasn't my favorite person. But, I thought she brought excitement to the story, I didn't want it to just end.

Julius oh, in city of lost souls, camille dies;maureen kills her.. and when alec comes to see camille, maureen shows up instead with her hands (both) full of ...more
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it has to be Maia and Jordon their story is not even relevant, i skipped half of it ans still didnt miss out on any of the story


camille! aka uneccessary hoe who ruined Malec!

Julius she just tried 2 convince alec 2 turn magnus mortal and as a reward got killed bloodily
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maia and jordon. pointless

Maia was only there for a love triangle and a pack connection. And Rafael, the guy is a bit annoying.

Definitely Maia. I don't know what about her annoys me so much, but I hate reading about her. She bothers me and she takes away valuable time from other characters haha.

Meliorn ?

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