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Who is your favorite God...and why?

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message 1: by D.C. (new)

D.C. Belton | 2 comments My fav is Athena. She never lost a fight, besting Gods like Poseiden and Ares. In the war against the Titans, Athena was one of only 4 gods (along with Zeus, Apollo, and Artemis) to cast these immortals into Tartarus. Yet she was also famous for her wisdom and her strength. Yet she was first and foremost a woman – teaching humanity all the “womanly arts” such as cooking, weaving, spinning, etc. She clothed Pandora – the very first woman – so beautifully that she was “not to be withstood by mortal men.” She invented the flute, the trumpet, the cooking pot, the plough, the bridle, the chariot, the ship, and math. Quite a resume!

message 2: by Qiqi (new)

Qiqi | 3 comments I'm with you on that one. Athena, is undoubtly awesome. When I first finished the story of Athens and its name, I thought- "Hooray for Athena!"

The Gray-Eyed Goddess is my favorite because she's so independent, and is a character in Greek mythology who stands up for woman's rights. She uses her wisdom to overcome obstacles! :)

P.S. She invented the trumpet? Wow.

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