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You can post reviews for any manga you've read here. Just remember to post reviews for the current MR's in the correct folder.

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Title: Fruits Basket volume 1
Author: Takaya Natsuki
Rating: 4 stars

This is one of the most popular shoujo manga series out there. While I wouldn't call it my favorite, I still really like Fruits Basket. The concept is definitely very unique; I haven't read much else that focuses on the 12 (13) zodiac, let alone that their spirits possess people. However, things started to get a little crazy as the series continued and I got confused and lost track of which volume I was on. That's why I've decided to reread the series (because I've forgotten a lot of what happens) and finally finish it.

Volume 1 of Fruits Baskets feels like an intro volume, which it is. It's mostly introducing the main character, Tohru, and the Sohma family secret. We learn that Tohru is orphaned because her mom just recently died and was living in a tent on Sohma property (unbeknownst to her). She runs into Shigure, the owner of the house on the property, and is invited to stay with him and Yuki, a popular student at Tohru's school, instead of in a tent. This is where she finds out the secret of the Sohma family. And that's pretty much the entirety of the first volume.

I think one thing I love about this series is the varied characters. The characterization in Fruits Basket is fantastic. I hate reading books with flat/Mary-Sue type characters. Granted, the main character is a little too dim, but I love that she's sincere and really cares for people, often putting others before herself. She's always happy, despite the hard ships she's been through, which is very hard to do. So, I applaud her for that. I just wish she wasn't quite so dense. Also, most fans are crazy for Kyo, but I don't see it. Is it because he's troubled, and girls find that hot? I just think he's kind of annoying and extremely hot-headed. I understand why he's so upset, but the constant anger and screaming is just a major turn off.

The reason I gave volume 1 four stars is because it is quite simply an introduction volume. However, I still really like it and love that the story picks up in volume 2. There's a reason this is one of the most popular shoujo series out there.

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Title: My Boyfriend is a Vampire
Author: Yu-Rang Han
Rating: 4 stars

This was an interesting book. Personally, I love Korean Manwha, especially Boy Princess and Let Dai. So I was excited to see that this was a manwha.

My Boyfriend is a Vampire is a very different book. However, the title is very misleading, which is my biggest complaint. You don't really get to meet the vampires until the last part of the book, even though it doesn't say they're vampires. It's pretty obvious they are. And what's this about a boyfriend? The main character is a guy, and even though he turns into a girl, I don't see him getting with a guy, let alone a vampire. The vampires are, so I can predict, the ones who did this to him. I think I'll have to read the second volume to understand this a little better. The misleading cover is the reason I give 4 stars, because I am quite confused.

I applaud the author for coming up with a fairly original concept. Not only does the main character turn into a vampire, but a girl too (from what I've gathered of the synopsis). Also, rather than the typical, "Hi, my name is... I go to this school, I'm this old, blah, blah, blah" intro, the main character pretty much died right in the beginning (and then came back). That's definitely a nice we to keep readers hooked. I wanted to keep reading because the author would leave off chapters with cliff hangers, and the end of the first volume leaves readers wanting to read the next volume to find out who just showed up.

If you're not into gender bending or vampires, then this book isn't for you. Otherwise I very much recommend it.

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harshini  (watchmeread) | 451 comments Title:My Boyfriend is a Vampire
Author:Yu-Rang Han
Rating:4 Stars

The only other Vampire manga series I have read was Vampire Knight. And if anyone has read it, its pretty serious, but still funny here and there. So I decided I wanted a funny one that will make me laugh, and this is what I found.

The first volume, everything is pretty unclear till now about how the vampires work, which we get to see at the end. But I got what I wanted which was a good laugh.

Our main character is Da-in who gets mistaken for a girl a lot, since he looks like one, and has some traits of a loving girl as well. He doesn't like this so he ends up beating any guy who thinks so(that was so funny)

The plot of the story is unique because not only does he gets turned into a vampire(which they tell us in the beginning) he also turns into a girl(?!). And I was like "what!?!?!" when I read that.

So I can't wait to se what happens in the next volume when we do find about vampires!

Recommend it to: Vampire lovers, Humour lovers

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Title: Fruits Basket volume 3
Author: Natsuki Takaya
Rating: 4 stars

I didn't like this volume as much. It was a little slow moving, and I actually got distracted while reading. We got to know new things and meet new characters, but not too much happened plot wise. (view spoiler)That's about the extent of what happened.

The thing that bothered me most, and I didn't notice earlier because I read the first two volumes online, scanlated by fans, was the obvious misuse of Japanese formalities. I don't think the scanlations had this problem, but this major fail seriously distracted me. The four honorifics everyone is familiar with are san, sama, kun, and chan. San expresses respect, but isn't as respectful and formal as sama, while kun and chan are used for boys and girls younger than you whom you are familiar with. Sama doesn't really show up much in Fruits Basket, but the other three are used interchangably, when they aren't always. If you're younger than someone or at a lower rank or position, you should always use san or something higher. If you're older you can use san if you're not as familiar, or if you are familiar, you can use kun when addressing a male, and chan when addressing a female. The interchanging of kun and chan was the biggest problem in this volume, and it really bothered me. If this were to show up in a fan translation, I wouldn't be quite as bothered, but the irony is that the scanlations followed these rules better than a professional publication.

That is my rant for today. I really hope that the other volumes don't have this issue, but there's a possibility that it hasn't been fixed.

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Title: Bleach, Volume 1
Author: Tite Kubo
Rating: 4 stars

Because Bleach was so popular, I kind of avoided it. Sometimes, things become popular, but for really no reason. However, the first volume was fairly impressive. One thing that's throwing me off, though, is the title. What, exactly, does Bleach mean? I'm not understanding.

I am kind of expecting this to be similar to Rosario Vampire, where it's a lot of filler, every chapter/volume just being a new monster to fight, with each monster having its own story. I'm hoping that in reading the second volume, I will be proven wrong, but I won't know until I acutally read it. The first volume has captured my interest, and I hope the rest of the series keeps it.

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Marajean | 58 comments I figured the bleach title was something to do with Ichigo having blonde hair, thinking he bleached it because he was kind of a punk.

That's really what stopped me from reading it in the first place, but I really liked bleach and Ichigo's character. So, I have no idea.

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Title: The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Author: Gaku Tsugano
Rating: 2 Stars

Haruhi Suzumiya is a face I’ve seen everywhere. I was not aware at first that this was originally a series of light novels that has been adapted into several different formats. The manga is seriously fast-paced, and the art is rather lack-luster and sloppy. I’m trying to determine the genre this would fit under. Would it be sci-fi, horror, or comedy? The manga seems centered on comedy, and there was very little plot except in the beginning and the end. (view spoiler) I expected more from the manga, but it’s a serious let down. I think I’m going to have to read the light novels and watch the anime if I want to experience this series as it should be experienced.

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Cindy III | 192 comments Eensy Weensy Monster v. 1
by Masami Tsuda
4 stars

The author said she wanted to write something cute and happy. Eensy Weensy Monster is exactly that. The main characters Nanoha and Hazuki are cute. They started off with a certain mindset and gradually changed. The change in their way of thinking was not rushed. It is not a very long manga as it concludes on volume two and I am looking forward to reading it.

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