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That thing that got you started

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message 1: by AC (new)

AC (ac_adams) | 3 comments So, I'm curious. What was the moment you decided to start writing? How did it come to it, how old you were, who or what inspired you..?

As for me, it's pretty stupid, lol. I was in middle school (or, actually, an equivalent to it in my country), and it appeared to be somewhat a trend among popular girls to write stories. I was young and naive, and my sort-of-friend was writing a story, so I started one on my own.. I admit at the time I was copying her (a bit) and about every book I read while writing that story of mine xD But if I hadn't started then, I'd maybe never find out how much it means to me! So I'm thanksfull, although I learned the hard way I didn't quite choose the right company when I hung out with those girls :p
My first novel (it can be called that, it was 200 pages long, writen bu hand!) is, unfortunately, now mostly lost, and when I read some of it I can only laugh and say it's pretty lame, but I loved it at the time..

So, your stories? ;)

message 2: by Evelynn (new)

Evelynn (authorgirlev) | 5 comments Well, I have to say, I started writing when I was ten, on some silly dream that I would be the youngest author to be published. Unbeknownst to me, the youngest author had been 6 years old. Still, I drilled through about three or four chapters of my "novel", then suddenly stopped when I was eleven. I didn't pick up the story pencil until I was about twelve, and that was the time when I really started to discover that I truly enjoyed creating my own stories. My first - well, really my second - attempt at a novel was thwarted by a never-ending story plot...with no real plot.

Then, when I was thirteen, I wrote a true story about me and my family and submitted it to a weekly magazine called Guide. It was accepted! Since then, I've written two more for that magazine, both of which have been accepted, one having been published just last November, and the other coming out this June.

Finally, lately, I have worked through a few historical fiction short stories, and only recently took up the novel-writing pencil again, this time as a co-author (the other co-author being my best friend). I feel confident that, this time, I'll not drop out yet again.

Just last month, I dug the notebook containing my first attempt at a novel out of my writing drawer. It was full of terrible grammar, no separated paragraphs, and some spelling mistakes (I've always been at least decently good at spelling). I see now just how far I've come in my writing. And I'm hoping that my dream of being a published author will come true some day soon!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Action movies(Marvel movies and "Crimson Peak" horror movie) got me started to write my own type of stories.

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