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((Roleplay your charries))

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Thalia passed the two girls tears streaming down her face.

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Thalia looked at Jade then at the ground.

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"I just watched my best friend get hit by a truck and brought to the hospital." More tears streamed down her face.

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Thalia shook her head.

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"Kay." Thalia nodded and ran towards the school.

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Thalia walked into th principals office. "Can I miss my first two classes?"
"Of course not, Thalia, why would you ask that?"
"Cause my best friend's in the hospital."
"Go ahead"
Thalia rushed to the hospital. "I'm here to see the boy that got hit by a truck this morning"
"I'm so sorry," the nurse said, "He died right after he got here."
Thalia bust into tears, again. She pulled out her phone and called Jade.

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"W-will you pick me up from the hospital?" Thalia asked. "He's dead."

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Thalia saw Jade. "Jonah died trying to save me." she said

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((Its okay))
Thalia hugged Jade. She let her go.

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Thalia nodded. "So will my uncle." She grinned. "We better get going."

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"Wow." Thalia said.

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"Oh." Thalia said

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"I'm gonna gonna go home. I'm just not up for school"

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When they got there Thalia climbed out of the car. "Thanks."

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"Could you tell the teachers why I'm not there?"

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She thanked Jade and walked away. Thalia walked into her house and fell asleep.

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Thalia mother anwered the door. "Hello Jade."

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"I'll give her the homework when she wakes up." Thalia's mother said. "Would you like to talk to her? You can wake her."

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"I'm sure." Thalia's mother said. "She woke up once for lunch and didn't say a word but I know she'll talk to you." She led Jade to Thalia's bedroom.

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Thalia opened her eyes slowly and looked at Jade

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"Hi." Thalia said taking her homework.

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Thalia didn't smile. "Uuuumm..."

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"Bye." Thalia said sadly.

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"Sure." Thalia said. "If my Mom'll let me."

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Thalia walked out to her Mom. "Can I go to the movies with Jade?"
"Do you feel well enough?"
"You can go." Thalia's mom handed each of them some money the looked at Jade. "Will you watch her?" she asked.

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"Wat do you want to see?" Thalia asked

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"Me too." Thalia said climbing into the car.

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"Hey Cat!" Thalia said

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"Why'd your brother eat a pole?"

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"I've noticed."

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Thalia laughed. "I've never met her brother."

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"Let's go."

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Thalia smiled at Jade.

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Thalia nodded

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Thalia rolled her eyes. "Hey, Paul." She said

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Thalia nodded a hello

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Thalia turned away unknowing of what to say next.

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"He can come with us, if he wants." Thalia said forcing a smile.

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Thalia waved good-bye to Paul.

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Thalia looked at Jade blushing just a little

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Thalia waited to get to the theatre

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Thalia climbed out.

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Thalia turned pale

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Thalia used her extra money to get Cat into the movie.

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Thalia thanked Jade.

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When the movie started Thalia sat down.

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yael Zara walked down the sidewalk with her radio and cds. She had her OBEY cap on and a black hoodie, with jeans. She shrugged off her bookbag and set it down, setting up the radio.

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yael Zara answered her phone. "Hello?"

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yael Zara nodded and you could hear the smile in her voice. "Sure. Just give me a minute and I'll take down your address." She rummaged in her pocket for a pen and a paper.

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