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What kinds of stories do you like to write?

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message 1: by Kim-Lee (new)

Kim-Lee (kym_possible) | 3 comments Personally, I like writing mystery, and also any kind of story that emphasizes humans feelings and relationships. What kind of stories do you like to write, and why?

message 2: by AC (last edited May 29, 2012 04:14PM) (new)

AC (ac_adams) | 3 comments I'm currently writing some kind of YA fantasy, with elements of about everything, LOL. There is love and friendship and magic and feelings and battles and ghosts and dreams..
I love to create characters, I always put a lot of details in both their appearance and psyhology.. and I love writing about mind games and stuff like that :) I wrote fantasy before, with dragons and everything, but I'm always kinda looking for new challenges, and fantasy is (to me) pretty easy to write.

Mostly, I'd say, I like writing things I'd like to read myself.

message 3: by Evelynn (new)

Evelynn (authorgirlev) | 5 comments I love to write historical fiction. I love to do research and learn about the real events surrounding my storylines and plots. I love creating characters that may have encountered famous people long ago, and make them into something to be remembered as long as their eras are. Mostly, the easiest era for me to write in is, actually, the Roman era, and that's what I've been sticking to for the past six months or so... I've been writing around the martyrdom of St. Telemachus.

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Mystery,Suspense, Heroes&Villains.

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