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message 1: by Amber (new)

Amber (amosby) | 5 comments Hello everyone I'm Amber Mosby. I have two books that I have finally put online, they are up and ready to go on both Smashwords and Kindle and I would love any help I can get with reviews or other suggestions for getting the ball rolling on this thing and making a name for myself as an author :-)

Thanks everyone I really appreciate any help

message 2: by Gregory (new)

Gregory Lamb (gregorylambpdxauthor) Hi Amber,
I'm in the same situation and looking for the same. Are you interested in swapping reviews? We can send each other free coupons in exchange for writing a review that can be posted on both amazon and smashwords. Check out my Smashwords author page with my book and reviews to see if you are interested.

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