pride and prejudice has ruined me for real life discussion

what other books have contributed to your ruin?

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Erin | 1 comments Mod
off the top of my head, my list would also include anne of green gables (although maybe technically it's anne of the island), the age of innocence (only, cynically), and possibly even a tale of two cities. it's a start...

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Joi | 1 comments mansfield park. which i intend to re-read soon. I am far more Fanny Price than I am Elizabeth Bennett... a fact of which I am less than proud.

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I can't say it ruined my life, but I liked the idea of someone as intelligent and interesting as Jane Eyre finding her Prince Charming, Mr. Rochester, although he is very rough around the edges. I think if I had lived at that time I would have had little open to me in the way of avoiding poverty other than being a governess, so that she becomes the lady of the manor is very pleasing to me. It was one of those books that turned me into a romantic. Pride and Prejudice was another.

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Lulliannie (LullisBooks) I agree Mary, it hasn't really ruined my life. I love Pride and Prejudice, but I know its fictional. Other books that has ruined my life more than P&P are Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse. There aren't a lot of other books that I get so engrossed (is that the right word?) in.

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pride and prejudice has ruined me for real life

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