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message 1: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments I too am looking for a book for the winter challenge where the main character has the same profession as me. I can't think of one where the main character is a therapist/social worker, all the ones I can think of seem to be secondary characters to the main character. Any suggestions?


message 2: by Laura (new)

Laura | 56 comments The Big Girls by Susanna MooreThe Big Girls

Its about a social worker/therapist at a female prison.

message 3: by Christie (new)

Christie | 1 comments Torie Hayden is another author to look into.

message 4: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments Thanks guys! I know of Hayden's stuff but was hoping for fiction or something that's a little lighter on the child abuse stuff-it just gets so hard to take after a while.

message 5: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Joanie-

Have you read any Invin Yalom yet? The majority of his fiction has a therapist at the core. My favorite is Love's Executioner. It is both good therapy advice and good writing. It is a book of short stories about therapy- usually challenges for the therapist. The one where he deals with his prejuduce against obese people is excellent.

message 6: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (tnbbc) | 10022 comments Mod
Not sure if this fits the bill:
You're Not You: A Novel

Its about a college aged girl who takes care of a woman with a terminal illness for a semester. Very well written.

message 7: by Joanie (new)

Joanie | 714 comments Hi Marsha-I had to read quite a bit of Yalom in grad school, Love Executioner was good. I know he's got a few other books that are filled with short case vignettes, maybe I'll check out one of those. His book on group therapy is HUGE and was the bane of my existence my final semester of grad school so I think I blocked him out a bit but his other stuff is much more enjoyable. Thanks for the reminder!

Thanks Lori, I'll check it out.

message 8: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Joanie-

Yes, I was pleased to find Yalom's "fiction" after the dreaded group therapy text. :)!

Another therapist who actually writes well is David Schnarch. Love him. And who needs fiction when the subject matter is sex?

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