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Jackie (thelastwolf) Author Challenge 2009

A: Asimov, Isaac: The Ugly Little Boy
B: Brooks, Terry: Genesis of Shannara
C: Cornwell, Patricia: The Front
D: Dickson, Gordon R.: Wolf and Iron
E: Ellis, Bret Easton: American Psycho
F: Feist, Raymond: Faerie Tale
G: Greene, Graham: The Quiet American
H: Hay, Louise: Heal Your Body
I: Isanove: Origin
J: Jemas, Bill: Origin
K: Kurtz, Paul: In Defense of Secular Humanism
L: Loughman, Susan: The Healing Runes
M: Moore, Alan: Watchmen
N: Nora Roberts: The Circle Trilogy
O: Orwell, George: Animal Farm
P: Pirsig, Robert: Zen & the Art of Motorcycle Maintainence
Q: Quesada, Joe: Origin
R: Roberts, Henry C.: Complete Prophecies of Nostradamus
S: Simak, Clifford D: Ring Around the Sun
T: Taylor, Joules: The Book of Celtic Symbols
U: Updike, John: TheWitches of Eastwick
V: Verne, Jules: The Mysterious Island
W: Williamson, Jack: Demon Moon
X: Xavier Waterkeyn: Where's Bin Laden?
Y: Yeats, William Butler: Irish Fairy and Folk Tales
Z: Zelazny, Roger: The Changing Land

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Jackie (thelastwolf) Title Challenge 2009

A: Armegeddon's Children ~ Terry Brooks
B: The Book Of Celtic Symbols ~ Joules Taylor
C: The Changing Land ~ Roger Zelazny
D: Dance of the Gods ~ Nora Roberts
E: The Elves of Cintra ~ Terry Brooks
F: The Front ~ Patricia Cornwell
G: The Gypsy Morph ~ Terry Brooks
H: The Healing Runes ~ Loughman & Blum
I: In Defense of Secular Humanism ~ Paul Kurtz
J: The Jesus Papers ~ Michael Baigent
K: Karavans ~ Jennifer Roberson
L: Lifeblood ~ Werner Lind
M: The Mysterious Island ~ Jules Verne
N: New Moon ~ Stephenie Meyer
O: Origin: The True Strory of Wolverine ~ Quesada, Jemas, Jenkins, Kubert, Isavone
P: Pandora ~ Anne Rice
Q: The Quiet American ~ Graham Greene
R: Ring Around the Sun ~ Clifford D. Simak
S: Sir Gawain and the Green Knight ~ Tolkien
T: A Traveller's Guide to Mars ~ William K. Hartmann
U: The Ugly Little Boy ~ Asimov & Silverberg
V: Valley of Silence ~ Nora Roberts
W: Wolf and Iron ~ Gordon R. Dickson
X: The Divine Matrix ~ Gregg Braden
Y: You've Been Warned ~ James Patterson, Howard Roughan
Z: Zen & The Art of Motorcycle Maintainence ~ Robert Pirsig

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