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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) Here we will begin the story. Introductions to the characters will be made here. You can say what you want, be who you want, and do what you want.

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Michelle (Dancechic101) | 4 comments What?

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) It's a role play game. You make a character in the "Characters" section, then you roleplay here.

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Michelle (Dancechic101) | 4 comments Oh, who is in the club?

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Michelle (Dancechic101) | 4 comments And do you know how to add a photo?

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) You go to "Profile" and click your photo, then browse, then select fro mthe photos saved on your computer.

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Michelle (Dancechic101) | 4 comments Where's profile?

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☮Mary☮ (MaryMusicLover) Where it says hi michelle! click it and skool down to profile.

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((starting story:))

Is sighed, her nose stuck against the window, it was a perfectly sunny day; she HATES sunny days. "WIll you get over it? It's a sunny day, boo hoo, cry me a river why don't you." Her step-brother moaned, dropping a moving box, he just learned of her powers today and doesn't seem to care. "But it needs to rain." "Your flowers need sunshine too."

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Rose lived in a smaml town where everything seemed normal. "I'm going out!" She shouted back at her adoptive family. She began to walk down the street while shading her eyes from the sun. She had just realized her powers and she had to get away.

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((i meant to put her name, not I, sorry))

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Rose walked down to the park and sat. She felt a trace of water upon her cheek. "What?" she looked up and it began to rain. She sighed in releif "Wow, it hasn't rained in ages." she sat there and smiled, her pink hair slowly becoming curly and a dark shade of pink due to the rain.

[[ I meant Small not Smaml in my previous post. :]]

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((I'm just a bit confused, are they in the same town?))

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

[[Hmmm, I suppose so. lol:]]

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((okay, sorry...))

"Better." Is smiled at her work, her wings twitched with excitement as she thrust open the back door, but she paused. "Der." She laughed to herself, and hid her wings from the human world as walking into the becoming-harder rain. Rain touched against her sore hand, it hurt from hiting Jeremy earlier; Jeremy stood in the door frame, arms crossed. "What an idiot." He groaned, and flipped open his cell phone, calling up his old girlfriend.

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Rose looked up at the rain, and sat there silently.

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Rose got up and walked around the park alone. She loved the rain. It felt warm against her icy skin.

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((how are we going to meet together?))

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[[Who me? Yeah Rose is a Vamp. Okay.:]]

She began to travel down an abandoned trail through the woods.

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"No fair! Mom said no cell phones until we unpacked!" She shouted after him, then turned around, and heard a noise in the distance. It sounded as if coming through the woods, so she decided to follow it.
((is that okay if she heard you Paige?... btw, Paige and Camille's pictures are VERY hard to distinguish at a glance O.o))

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[[Yup that's fine. Thanks, half the time my picture won't show up so I never know lol.:]]

Rose sat beneath a large tree and pulled out her sketch book.

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Kyra walked through a small town. Her head hurt as she tried to grasp what had happened hte past few days it was all hazy, she didnt really understand it.

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Allison (abriea) | 26 comments Mod
Juliet woke in a church basement. She streched her wings. It was nice and dark, with the windows clowded with rain. She reached over, grabbed her coat and slung it on. She was a lot less conspicuous with it on over her short, sleaveless black dress. She pulled the hood up over her hair and folded her wings as she walked outside. She started into the woods near the church.

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On her walk to the forest, she sensed someone through the rain, but couldn't tell what creature it was. The girl ((Kyra's a girl right?)) looked human, but didn't sense it, then she saw the hungry eyes through the water; and gasped.

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Lamia Alexander went outside the oment it started to rain and went and layed in the wet grass smilling to himself at the cloud filled sky.

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Rose looked around. She could sence people but she didn't see any one. She stayed cautios.

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Allison (abriea) | 26 comments Mod
Juliet spotted a girl down the path she was walking. She appeared to be scetching in a scetchbook. She wandered towards her.

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Lamia Alexander stayed there for a bit longer then got up slowly and ran in the woods to take a breather and get his mind off things.

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Rose spotted the girl and quickly got up and put her sketch book away.

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Allison (abriea) | 26 comments Mod
"Hello. I'm Juliet." Juliet said to Rose.

message 32: by Lamia (new)

Lamia Alexander stopped hearing voices and hide behind a tree keeping really quiet listening to them ((is it ok if it is juliet and rose??))

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

((fine with me, though I'm not either of them... nvm))

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Lamia ((lol what are you??))

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[[It's cool:]]

"Hello," she said quietly.

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Elaina (yacarry) | 15 comments keiry was on a swing set and watched the girls talking then screamed all so suddenely extremely loud where every bird in the forest flew away or fell from the trees.

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Is jumped when she heard a scream, and decided to ignore that hungry vamp and run towards it.

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