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Not everyone deserves a second chance.
Paola Paola May 27, 2012 06:52PM
There are people who really do not deserve a second chance. Ever.

I agree to a point. If you screw up and you are truly sorry for your mistakes and make an effort, then you deserve a second chance. If you just don't care and don't feel bad about it...then no second chance for you.

I felt this story was absolutely believable. It was phenomenal! I'm so happy that these characters made everything work out in the end...and I'm sad that they are fictional! But I'm sure that someone out there knows someone in this situation and they will learn from this story.

It's definitely one of those books I will revisit in the future and read over and over again!

What Christian did was a horrible thing. We also have to remember that the character was only, what, 22 years old? He made a very bad choice and it haunted him. When he thought she was with that other guy, he thought he was doing the right thing but staying away for her happiness. It wasn't until he matured that he was even able to begin to comprehend how his choice would affect him and everyone else. I think he deserved that second chance, if he was willing to work for it...which he was! :-)

at fisrt I thought the same but the more you read on you cant help feel sorry for Christian and hope it all works out!

I think Christian did deserve a second chance and I loved the ending...im a sucker for a happy ever after!

are you saying Christian was one of those?

I leaned more towards Christian NOT deserving a second chance, but Lizzie deserved one, so I went with it. He broke my heart before the book even began. This is the only book I've ever sobbed from start to finish. I'm kicking myself for waiting so long to read this series. Finally gave in when I was nostalgic over The Sweet Gum Tree and someone recommended this.

It is more like a biography because it is real!

Jamie real for whom? Do you mean in general, as in it's realistic?
May 19, 2013 07:26PM

I totally agree with most of the views presented. Christian does deserve a second chance and boy did he redeem himself. Youthful indiscretion should be forgiven in the face of genuine repentance. Christian make up for his past sins by accepting them, making amends and following through with his promises not to repeat these mistakes. Loved the book so much. Situations such as this are common in our society and unfortunately the men do not make amends.

IMHO, everyone deserves a second chance. We all make mistakes at some point in our life. No one here is perfect. We all cannot make such perfect decisions. One way or another, we will slip up.

everyone deserves a second chance. but not a third chance.

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