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Ashley 1. What do you think of Brady's friends? What about his ex-girlfriend?

2. What do you think of Heaven's friends?

3. What do you think of Heaven opening Brady's mail? What if you were Heaven? What if you were Brady?

Jencey/ (jencey) | 410 comments 1. I think they are sort of wierd. Brady seems to look smarter than the rest of them with maybe the exception of Zach. Sarah is definitely pyscho. I don't know why she doesn't just move on. Her tactics are ensuring that Brady will never come back.

2. Heaven's friends seem to be a lot more like her or maybe a little saner.

3. I think it is wrong for her to open his mail. I think that she is lazy to think just because his mail is there she should open it. I would sort the mail and give him his mail. I would be as upset as Brady because opening my mail like that would be an invasion of my privacy.

Kourtney (momwithbooks) | 23 comments I had to take a sabbatical from responding because I fell in love with the book so much I had to finish reading it before I coould comment :)

1. Zach reminds me of the guy who runs the karaoke at my bar every Sunday - are all karaoke guys, fiction or nonfiction, cut from the same cloth? Phil...stereotypical slacker. And for some reason I'm picturing Brady to be the guy who plays "Ted" on How I Met Your Mother. And someone has to tell me - is the ex gf for real?! Are there women really like that??

2. LAME! Moving on...

3. Well the first thing I would do would be to run to the post office and kick, scream, and flail my arms around until my mail is delivered to the correct box. Then I'd hate the girl forever. I have big big issues with privacy so I could never be so nonchalant about it (unless I was really really really drunk)

message 4: by Shelly (new)

Shelly (jacnzak) | 13 comments Regarding Brady's friends. Zach seems okay, just seems that he likes to have fun. Now Phil, he's weird, and a little out there. I think he'll be single for life.
Heaven's friends didn't really make too much of an effect on me yet, to early to tell.
Her opening his mail is just plain wrong! Too lazy to check the address? Whatever, she's interested in him obviously, and she's being nosey.
Oh yeah, Sarah is a complete psycho,have a feeling she'll be around for a while. Loved what Heaven did for Brady when Sarah stopped by, he does owe her big!

Emily (teaandscribbles) | 129 comments I am really not sure about their friends right now. I am don't like either of them as character right now.
As for the mail thing. I know that we get the wrong mail sometimes and it is really annoying, but we wouldn't open it. I think the fact that it is actual letters and such she should give them back to the mailman to see if he gets it pointed out then he will fix it.

Becky Gunn Brady's ex is a psycho
I don't think anyone should open someone else's mail. I would be throwing a fit. I can see why he reacts the way he does when she walks right in his apt, etc.

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