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Sterlingcindysu Hi, I just joined, so perhaps someone can point me in the right direction if there was a similiar thread.

I've been trying to read more and have been taking advantage of my library's online reserve system. One thing I've noticed over the past couple months is that most books (newer, best sellers) seem to be shorter, less than 300 pages with large fonts, margins, etc. Just wondering if it's just me or if others have noticed that. For example, Larry McMurty wrote a book about his bookstore, and he had a blank page between every chapter, and each chapter was maybe a page long!

And then, to follow that thought, do any of you alternative between long and short books, or do you figure a book read is a book read?

message 2: by Kate (new)

Kate (kshiv) I just read whatever I come across. I love to reserve books at the library. I would count and audio book but I don't count children's books. Some people do. It's just whatever you want to do with your own list. I read Anna Karenina a couple weeks ago. It was very long. I just finished 2 short ones and have a 500 page on hold at the library. I think it's however the mood strikes you. I do like to follow up a deep, intense book with some brain candy.

message 3: by Jessica (new)

Jessica Larry McMurty wrote a book about his bookstore? What's the name?

message 4: by Cheralaine (new)

Cheralaine Cole-Johnson I am so glad somebody else noticed this. There are so many wonderful books to read that I have learned to use many criteria when picking one out. One of my many standards is both chapter and overall novel length. Along the same line, how often does the author publish? You may be able to see why James Patterson will never be on my shelf.
This doesn't mean I will never read a short novel, but I want to fall in love with a book and am willing to have it keep me company for more than 400 pages.

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